List Price US $0
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Skier Level Intermediate - Expert
Ski Style All-Mountain
Ski Width Regular
Ski Shape Directional Twin
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Core Material
Turning Radius 21.3
Manufactured in
Powder Average
Carving Good
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Great
Moguls Good
Trees Good
Jumps Good
Jibbing Good
Pipe Good
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow





Volkl Revolt 95 2020 - 2019 Review by A Better Ski

Today I am hanging in Copper Mt. Colorado after the big trade show.  So many fun new skis to try, so little time.  In my opinion, skiing is all about having a good time.  In a sea full of serious looking rip sticks, I spotted the Volkl Revolt 95.  They looked like a fun shape and brought me memories back to the days when I used the Volkl Karma as my everyday cruiser.  I loved that ski.  It could do anything.  I was on a 178 if I recall and I remember how short they looked and felt on my feet.  I wanted to grab the 181 but the rep handed me the 173 with confidence and told me to have fun.  Lets see what a 173 can do for a guy my size.

Size: 173

Shape: rocker/ camber/ rocker

Radius: 21.3m

Days: demo days

Riders: Dan

Conditions: soft on top of crust

Boots: Lange FR 130

Ski Personality: The Volkl Revolt 95 is an all-mountain ripper, ready to do it all from high-speed carving to tearing up the terrain park.        

On the Snow Feel: I thought that the Volkl Revolt 95 in the 173 length felt like a couple of hyperactive squirrels on steroids on my feet.  This isn’t a criticism, just an experience.

Turn Initiation and Carving:  So I gotta tell you, when I looked up the turning radius of this ski I was expecting it to be like a 16 or 17.  Much to my surprise, the reported turning radius for the Volkl Revolt 95 is 21.3! How wrong I was.  The funny thing is now that I am finding this information out, many things are making more sence to me now.  Like how they were difficult to turn at lower speeds.  How they tracked a perfect GS arc at high speeds.  How solid the edge grip felt for such a short ski at high speeds.  All these things seemed weird to me for a short ski that liked to turn so much.  In the end, this ski likes to turn and to me felt very quick and agile.  I would like to try out the 181 and see if I have a similar experience.    

Speed:  As I have stated, I was skiing on the 173.  For me, this is an extremely short ski.  Especially since it has tip and tail rocker.  I was worried that I was going to be out of control.  While my brain was telling me to be careful, my feet were telling me not to worry and go faster.  I got these 173’s going pretty fast, and for a guy that is almost 190, at no time was I loosing edge grip.  I was pretty impressed.  I do feel like the 181 would be a better length for a guy my size and would probably feel less squirrely but also less maneuverable.  

Powder: Certainly not going to be an ideal powder ski.  The Volkl Revolt 95 is an all-mountain ripper and is in my classification of a “Single Quiver” ski.  Even though I would much rather have the Revolt 122 on my feet for the big and bottomless, I have spent many a powder days with 95 under foot and had an amazing time regardless.  I would definitely want the 181 if I was planning on using the Revolt 95 as an all-mountain ski and the 173 if I were planning on spending most of my time in the terrain park.  

Uneven/Variable Terrain:  The Volkl Revolt 95 has a solid edge grip and is highly maneuverable.  Along with it’s predictability, this ski is ready to handle any type of terrain.  Again, If I were planning on using this as an all-mountain ski, I would prefer the longer size, especially for crud skiing.   

Trees/Bumps/Tight turns: The Volkl Revolt 95 has a solid edge grip and is highly maneuverable.  Along with it’s predictability, this ski is ready to handle any type of terrain.  Whoa, deja vu.  Even though this ski has a 21.3 turning radius, To me these skis feel like they could turn an a dime.   

Edge Hold: The Volkl Revolt 95 has a solid edge grip and is highly maneuverable.  Along with it’s predictability, this ski is ready to handle any type of terrain.  Whoa, deja vu all over againEven at high speeds, this little 173 kept me locked in and stable.

Flex: Oops, I forgot to give them a flex test. Ill get back to you.  From all the things I have said however, I would imagine that they have a med/stiff flex, giving these skis edge grip at high speeds.

Intended User: I like the Volkl Revolt 95 as a “Single Quiver” ski for the younger generation of skier who likes to spend most of their time with their friends working on their park style, jumps, rails, pipe, but who also like to get out and explore the mountain and work on their all-mountain abilities.   

Overall:  I had a blast on the Volkl Revolt 95.  They actually turned out to be a serious ski after-all under their playful facade.  I used to be in love with my Karmas, I can see how I would have been in love with these skis too.  I would love to try out the 181 length to see if these skis have a chance for my favorite “Single Quiver” ski of the year.  

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