List Price US $870
SKILOGIK Howitzer BC Ski Review
Approx. Weight Feels Light
Skier Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Style Alpine Touring
Ski Width Wide
Ski Shape Directional Twin
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber
Core Material Carbon Fiber
Turning Radius 22m
Manufactured in Japan
Powder Great
Carving Good
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Average
Moguls Average
Trees Good
Jumps Average
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow





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SKILOGIK Howitzer BC 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC is the lighter backcountry version of the Howitzer. Both skis are great in the soft snow, but also provide good performance on the hard-pack and groomers. The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC makes a great backcountry ski, but is also a solid everyday resort ski.

SKILOGIK Howitzer BC Video Review

Note: The BC model only has Vector 8 Carbon, there is no fiberglass.

SKILOGIK Howitzer BC In Depth Review


Size: 176

Days: 1

Conditions:  7” Powder, Chop, Trees, Dust on Crust

Boots: Rossignol Alias Sensor 120

Bindings:  Marker Griffon

On the Snow Feel: The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC is built with Rocker Logik construction that puts rocker in the tip and traditional camber underfoot. Rocker in the tip helps to keep the ski maneuverable and easy to turn sideways, but with a significant amount of traditional camber underfoot and 110mm waist the Howitzer BC is a stable platform on both the hard and soft snow.

Powder: I feel like unless your skiing deep blower pow in Alaska, super fat (SKILOGIKS own Depth Hoar is 143mm) powder skis are often overkill.  At 110mm underfoot, the Howitzer offers a great compromise between soft snow and hard pack performance. Rocker in the tip helps to increase floatation for knee deep powder, and a bit softer flex helps to keep the ski a bit more maneuverable.  With traditional camber underfoot, the Howitzer isn’t as playful in the deep as a fully rockered ski, but that’s not to say it’s only happy making long directional arcing turns either.

Turn Initiation and Carving: The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC is pretty light, and when you combine that with the rocker in the tip, it makes the ski pretty easy to maneuver.  At 110mm underfoot, I was pretty surprised at how easy it was the get the Howitzer BC on edge. It’s not a frontside ski, and you’ll still notice that you have 110mm underfoot, but for a ski this wide I didn’t feel like I needed a ton of speed to get it on edge. With a radius of 22m, the Howitzer BC is happy making long arcing turns, but I was pretty surprised at how good it felt making short radius turns as well. Again, this isn’t a frontside ski, but I found that changing turn shape was pretty easy. Carbon in the core helps to keep the ski stiff, and light-weight, but also quite lively. The skis rebound well, and although you won’t be thrown from side to side with a ton of power, the transition is smooth and fluid.

Speed: The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC lacks the fiberglass that the Howitzer has in the core. Fiberglass is quite heavy, but it is also really damp. This helps to keep the Howitzer really quiet and stable at high speed. Without the fiberglass, the Howitzer BC isn’t quite as damp, but it still handles the speed pretty well. The only time I found the light-weight and lack of Fiberglass to be an issue, was in the chopped up snow (see below).

Uneven Terrain: Towards the end of the day, fresh powder often develops into piles of chopped up snow. In these conditions the Howitzer BC does a pretty decent job, but it’s not necessarily a crud buster. The ski does have a good amount of traditional camber underfoot, but it’s also really light, and not super stiff. At high speeds I found the ski to be a bit bouncy, and it required a bit more light and loose approach. I didn’t find it to be a bad thing necessarily, but definitely required me to be a bit more on my toes. At slower speeds, I felt that the ski was stable, and predictable, especially with a flatter base. The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC still does a good job in chopped up snow, but don’t expect it to blow up everything in your way like a heavier and beefier ski.

Moguls: Light-weight carbon and rocker in the tip help to keep the SKILOGIK Howitzer BC maneuverable. Of course a fully rockered ski with a short radius is much quicker, but for a 110mm ski with traditional camber, I felt it could handle the moguls ok.

Edge Hold: The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC is a ski that is pretty happy in the soft snow, but it is still capable on hard pack. I will say it one more time; this is not a frontside ski, however, the traditional camber underfoot, and subtle rocker in the tip, creates a longer effective edge. This helps keep the ski more stable, even at high speeds and on harder snow. I wouldn’t use this ski as a dedicated groomer ski, but you’ll also never have to change out skis when the fresh snow from last night is starting to get skied off.

Flex: The Howitzer BC has two layers of stiff carbon fiber in the core, but it’s not a super stiff ski. The tip does feel a bit softer than underfoot, but overall the flex feels pretty uniform.

Switch: The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC has a directional twin tail that can be ridden switch, but isn’t designed for riding backwards often

So where exactly does the SKILOGIK Howitzer BC fit? The SKILOGIK Howitzer BC is a good backcountry ski, but it also makes for a fine resort ski. It offers good floatation in the deep snow, but also performs well on the groomers.  It’s a well-balanced ski, but one that I feel would be great for skiers who see a bit more soft snow than hard-pack. In the soft snow it was great all around, but as the snow firmed up it wasn’t quite as stable, or damp.  It’s definitely a capable and fun carver, but it was a lot more fun in the soft snow.

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