List Price US $799
Rocky Mountain Underground Super CRM
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Skier Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Style All-Mountain Frontside
Ski Width Regular
Ski Shape Directional
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber
Core Material Titanal
Turning Radius 17.5m
Manufactured in North America
Powder Good
Carving Great
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Poor
Moguls Average
Trees Average
Jumps Average
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow





Rocky Mountain Underground Super CRM 2016 - 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Rocky Mountain Underground Super CRM is back for 2015-2016 with some minor improvements. The ride is still very similar to that of the 2014-2015, and we found that last season’s review still holds up pretty well. The Super CRM is still a fantastic frontside oriented all mountain ski, and one of our favorites for hard charging skiers who like to carve deep trenches on the groomers. The Super CRM is also versatile enough for those who like to venture off piste on occasion. The Super CRM is a stable, crud busting, on piste ski that likes to go fast. It has a lot of power and energy and was really fun carving fast aggressive and powerful turns on the groomers.

2016 RMU Super CRM On Mountain Video Review

Size: 175, 185

Days: 20+

Conditions: Hard Pack, Groomers, Crud, bumps

Boots: Rossignol Alias Sensor 120

Bindings: Marker Griffon

On the Snow Feel: The Super CRM has traditional camber underfoot and flat tail helping to keep you stable no matter your speed. I found it relatively nimble for a wider frontside oriented all mountain ski, and even though it feels locked in on groomers, and stable at speed, it also wasn’t that hard to maneuver when needed.

Powder: The 2016 Super CRM has a 100mm waist width, and a rockered tip that make this ski capable of riding in the deeper snow. I’m excited to get this ski back on the mountain after a big snow, but I wouldn’t expect this to be a powder specialist. The Super CRM is definitely geared more towards the skier that likes to ride on the groomers most of the time, but may occasionally venture into the powder.

Turn Initiation and Carving: The Super CRM was updated for 2016, and feels like a ski that loves to rail deep trenches on the frontside groomers. It is a relatively stiff and heavy ski, and it’s not super easy to get on edge. That being said, I was pretty surprised at how nimble the ski did feel at times (at least in the 175cm). Again I wouldn’t say that the Super CRM is super maneuverable, but surprisingly more nimble than you might expect. At slower speeds, the ski wasn’t very lively, but still relatively easy to turn. When you do get some speed the Super CRM really comes alive. It has a nice 17.5m turn radius and stiff, powerful construction that likes to lay some pretty deep trenches. It was so much fun tipping these on edge and really laying into the turn. The tails felt pretty locked in, but never to the point I couldn’t release when I wanted to. When exiting the turn, the Super CRM feels very powerful, and energetic. Edge to edge transitions were quick and exciting, and yet still smooth and predictable. I never felt like the ski would throw me off if I wasn’t entirely on my game. Just a note on sizing, when I first demoed the RMU SCRM it was in the 175cm, but I have since spent a LOT of time on the 185cm. Although they are similar skis in a lot of ways, the 185cm is a very powerful ski that will cater very much to aggressive ex-racer types that want a powerful ride. While the 175cm felt a bit more nimble, and was fun and exciting at short to medium radius, the 185cm is definitely at home going very fast and making medium to long radius turns.

Speed: I was pretty timid the first few runs on the Super CRM, but as I began to ski faster and more aggressive I quickly realized this is a ski meant to be driven hard. It has traditional camber underfoot, and a flat tail keeping more of the ski in contact with the snow when flat. This helps keep you more stable, even at higher speeds. In addition, the two layers of titanal keep the ski damp and absorb a lot of vibrations at higher speeds. The titanal also helps to increase stiffness and even with early rise rocker in the tip, I never noticed any chatter or flap when going fast. I also found that this ski became alive with speed. The faster I went the easier it was for me to flex the tips and spring from edge to edge. This is definitely more true in the 185cm. This is a big ski, and smaller guys like me will have to ski it aggressively to get it to come alive. Once you do, you’ll be rewarding with fantastic stability and will have no worries about going as fast as you can over groomed or variable terrain.

Uneven Terrain:  I really like the Super CRM on roughed up groomers and shallow chop. It has a stiff and beefy construction that feels like a charger, but it wasn’t a beast to ski (At least in the 175cm). The early rise rocker helps to keep the tips on top of the snow, while the stiff construction helps push it out of your way. The powerful titanal core is really damp, and I felt like I could just blast through the chop. Even when I hit the crud at high speed, I felt stable and never felt like I would bounce out of the ski. The ski does feel slightly heavy, so it’s more of a blast through rather than bounce over type ski. In the Shallow chop, the Super CRM felt stable, and damp, but the deeper it got, the more challenging the ride was. Still, the Super CRM was nimble enough to maneuver through spots that got a little tricky. It just required you to slow down a bit.

Edge Hold: The Super CRM has great edge hold, even on the hard-pack snow. Traditional camber underfoot helps keep the ski stable, and while flat, the ski has an 85% contact surface. As you lean it on edge the tips contact the snow, increasing your effective edge length to almost the entire length of the ski. The more aggressively I skied, the more the edge gripped the snow.     

Flex: RMU designed the Super CRM with a progressive flex. Overall it’s pretty stiff so beginners or intermediates who ride less aggressively may find the SCRM to be a bit much, but aggressive riders will be able to push the skis with some pretty great results.

Switch: The SCRM has a pretty flat tail, and although you can ride switch, the ski is much happier going forward.

Jumps: I found the SCRM to be a bit heavy and stiff for jumps. It is super stable, but it takes a lot of power to flex the ski and get it to pop. That being said it can be a nice ski for bigger drops since it rebounds quite nicely.

Park: Not the best park ski here. The SCRM is definitely more of a hard-charging all-mountain ski.

Overall, I was really impressed with the SCRM on piste performance. I would love to take this ski out again when the snow is a bit deeper to see how it performs then. (Update: I have had the 185cm SCRM out in deep chop a lot this past season, and while it can be very capable blasting through variable roughed up snow, it can also be a lot of work). With an early rise rocker tip and 100mm underfoot I would expect the SCRM to be capable in the soft chop and crud, but not necessarily your go-to ski when the snow is really deep. I would classify the SCRM as a versatile all-mountain ski that is happy riding fast on piste, but is capable of riding all over the mountain when you need a change of pace (although it can be a bit of work in deeper variable). I found the ski to be relatively responsive at slower speeds, making it approachable for less aggressive intermediate skiers, but it’s definitely at home being driven hard and skiing fast. Aggressive advanced or expert skiers will appreciate the stiff flex, traditional camber underfoot, and bomb-proof construction. The Super CRM feels stable at high speeds, has great edge hold, awesome edge to edge quickness, and great crud busting abilities. If you’re looking for a versatile all-mountain ski that is happy going fast on piste, but still capable of riding in powder, definitely look into the SCRM. Update: The SCRM has become my go-to for any day in-between storms. The 185cm is very powerful, very stable, and extremely fun to ski at high speeds. It can be a bit of work in the deeper chop and roughed up terrain, especially for smaller guys. Still, I think it’s very capable off piste, and I have no problem going as fast as I want in roughed up terrain. Bottom line, the SCRM is powerful, energetic, and very stable. Those willing to work a bit will find it perfectly capable in variable terrain. So if you like the extra stability, really like to ski fast, and still want a ski that can carve deep trenches, definitely give the SCRM a look.

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