List Price US $899
Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra Ski Review
Approx. Weight Feels Light
Skier Level Intermediate - Expert
Ski Style All-Mountain Frontside
Ski Width Regular
Ski Shape Directional
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber
Core Material Lumalite
Turning Radius 22.2m @ 175cm
Manufactured in North America
Powder Average
Carving Great
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Poor
Moguls Good
Trees Average
Jumps Poor
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow





Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra 2016 - 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra is a light-weight and versatile ski that is designed to handle a variety of conditions. While it’s geared a bit more towards backcountry use, we found it perfectly capable, and fun for in-bounds terrain. Overall, the feel is smooth and predictable, while still being maneuverable and easy to get on edge.

Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra On-Mountain Video Ski Review

Jacket: Trew Cosmic Pants: The North Face Sickline Goggle: Native Tenmile

Boots: Rossignol Alias Sensor 120

Bindings: Marker Griffon

Size: 175cm

Days: 1

Riders: Matt

Conditions: Soft Chop, Groomed, Hard Pack, Bumps, Crust, Variable


Ski Personality: The Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra is a versatile and lightweight directional ski with knife-like precision and a smooth and predictable feel.

On the Snow Feel: The Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra is a stable ski with a decent amount of power and quickness.

Powder: At 90mm underfoot, the La Cabra is not the ski for deep days in the backcountry or at the resort. It does have a wide tapered tip and a decent amount of tip rocker. This definitely helps maneuverability when you have fresh snow, but anything more than 5 or so inches, and the La Cabra will quickly start to feel out of place. Still, for a 90mm waist width, the La Cabra does decently well when there’s a few inches of snow, especially on top of groomed.

Turn Initiation and Carving: The Rocky Mountain La Cabra is a pretty light-weight ski, and feels quite easy to maneuver at slower speeds. The overall feel is smooth, predictable, and precise. Turns aren’t overly energetic, but edge to edge transitions are quick. The 175cm in particular is quite responsive, and I found it very easy to maneuver. Now that’s probably partly because of the shorter length, and definitely partly because of the lighter weight.  Although I haven’t skied it yet, I feel like the 185cm would still be easy to maneuver thanks to the light weight Lumalite, but will probably feel a bit more smooth and precise than the 175cm. Both skis have the same 4 point sidecut allowing you to vary turn shape with ease. I found the 175cm to be quite easy to turn and responsive no matter how long the radius. Still, I found that moderately long radius turns are probably where this ski feels most at home, a trait that will probably be more evident in the 185cm. I think the bottom line is that transitions would feel smooth, stable, and predictable in both skis, but the 175cm will be quicker and more maneuverable. Each turn is precise and knife-like, and while the weight makes it easy enough to ski, I feel like it will still cater to advanced and expert skiers who know how to carve well. I definitely find it interesting that RMU decided to go with 175cm, and 185cm. Maybe I’m wrong by presuming the 185cm will be more stable and less maneuverable (will update when we get on the 185cm), but I’d love to see a 180cm with  bit more maneuverability than the 185cm, and more stability than the 175cm. Still, I think no matter what size you go with you’ll appreciate the knife-like precision and stable feel. If you’re looking for that smooth carver that is light-weight and maneuverable, this ski may fit that need. If you can find a size that works for you, this could be a really fun ski for carving any type of variable condition, so long as it’s not too deep.

Speed: The Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra does moderately well at speed. I definitely found a speed limit, especially in the 175cm, but even though the Lumalite laminate is very light-weight, it’s strong and stiff. I found the ski to be surprisingly stable given its weight. Sure it’s not a charger that wants to straight-line everything, but it can handle moderate speeds pretty well.

Uneven/Variable Terrain: The Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra does well in uneven and variable terrain, so long as it’s not overly deep or chopped up. I feel like the knife-like precision helps to carve through variable terrain well, and even though the ski is light-weight it does a pretty good job of absorbing terrain. I really didn’t find any type of variable terrain in which this ski struggled, as long as the snow wasn’t overly deep. At 90mm underfoot, the ski just doesn’t have the float, nor the solid platform to just blast over or through deep variable snow. I think this could be the perfect ski for in between storms in the backcountry.

Edge Hold: Edge hold was solid on hard pack, but the ski didn’t necessarily feel at home on harder snow. Sure it’s 90mm waist, and moderately long running length help the ski to keep on edge, but I felt like this ski came much more alive when the snow softened up.

Bottom Line: I’d be very interested to see how the 185cm Rocky Mountain Underground La Cabra compares to the 175cm. The 175cm was smooth and predictable, while still being quite responsive and maneuverable. It’s not overly exciting coming out of the turn, but it was still quick and energetic. However, I feel like the 185cm would be far more smooth and stable. Even the 175cm had a knife-like precision that I feel would be exaggerated in the 185cm. Sure the light-weight would keep it quick and maneuverable, but it would hold up much better at speed and it would cut through variable terrain even better than the 175cm. One other thing to note is that the Lumilite laminate is impregnated into the top of the ski. In other words, the Lumilite carbon mix is your top sheet. While this reduces weight significantly, the graphics aren’t quite as vibrant. So if you’re buying this for the graphic, be aware that it doesn’t look quite as bright and clear as the picture of the ski (see video). Bottom line for now, the RMU La Cabra is a smooth and predictable all mountain carver that is light enough to feel responsive and maneuverable without sacrificing a ton of stability.

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