List Price US $0
Approx. Weight Feels Light
Skier Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Style All-Mountain Frontside
Ski Width Wide
Ski Shape Directional Twin
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Core Material Paulownia / Maple
Turning Radius 19.5
Manufactured in
Powder Good
Carving Good
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Good
Moguls Average
Trees Good
Jumps Average
Jibbing Average
Pipe Average
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow





Line Vision 108 2021 - 2020 Review by A Better Ski

Spring is finally in the air, the birds are chirping, and I finally got my hands on the 2020 Line Vision 108.  I am becoming a big fan of this 96-108 width for a perfect “Quiver Killer” type of ski and the shape and size of the Vision 108 is right up my alley.  Unfortunately the snow pack has firmed-up and I don’t have anymore soft conditions to report on.  However a “Quiver Killer” must perform well in all of the possible conditions a skier may face throughout the year.  Today I will be be on 2 day old heavy snow that has softened and frozen (in some places more than others) twice now. Lets see how it went.. .

Size: 183cm

Days: 1

Riders: Dan

Conditions: Spring

Boots: Lange FR130

Ski Personality: The Line Vision 108 is at the fatter end of the “Quiver Killer” category.  However, this ski is light and likes to turn adding strong all-mountain versatility to wide ski.

On the Snow Feel:  The Line Vision 108 feels stable, predictable and reliable with just enough stiffness to give the ski both edge performance and playfulness.

Powder: If you are looking for a powder specific ski, check out my review on the Line Pescado.  Otherwise, hang tight.  While I didn’t get to ski any soft snow, I can tell by the shape and stiffness that the Line Vision 108 will perform well in the soft stuff.  A 108 waist is plenty of width for a pleasurable powder experience.  With the addition of the “rocker/camber/rocker” profile for easy left to right turning and hook-free float, i can just tell that I would have a fun day.  I’ll keep you posted.

Turn Initiation and Carving:  The Line Vision 108 seemed to enjoy turning quite a lot for a 108.  I thought the edge felt responsive and seemed quite locked-in, even at higher speeds on harder snow. This ski has a 19.5 turning radius and 5-cut giving is a nice medium arc, great for both cruisin’ and more hard carving maneuvers.     

Speed:  The Line Vision 108 is in the upper end of the cruiser ski and definitely doesn’t seem to mind going fast.  The edge hold seemed to hold-up until I found hard-icy snow at high speeds.  I would say that if you ski more hard snow than soft snow but still want a ski with the same type of personality, check out the Line Vision 98.  Or you like skiing really fast and are on harder snow more often than not, think about sizing up to the 189 for better grip.

Uneven/Variable Terrain: In my opinion, the Line Vision 108 held up to the choppy, weird snow fairly well.  Since these skis are light, I was afraid that they were going to get thrown around in the heavy snow.  I was pleased however, with the way the Vision 108 absorbed the bumps and stayed on my desired course.  It wasn’t the best crud buster ever but I’ve certainly skied far worse.

Flex: The Line Vision 108 has a med/stiff flex giving this ski all-mountain versatility, playfulness, and performance.

Bottom Line:  I think that the Line Vision 108 is a solid all-mountain ski that can really go anywhere and do anything.  While I didn’t feel like this ski did any one particular thing amazingly well, it does however, perform well in all areas.   So far this is one of my favorite skis of the year and it is going in the running for this years “Ultimate Quiver Killer.” If you are an advanced to expert skier looking for a fun, all-mountain, performance ski, the Line Vision 108 is a good choice.

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