List Price US $850
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Skier Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Style Big Mountain (Freeride)
Ski Width Wide
Ski Shape Directional
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Core Material
Turning Radius
Manufactured in
Powder Excellent
Carving Average
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Great
Switch Poor
Moguls Average
Trees Great
Jumps Average
Jibbing Average
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Medium Snow





Line Pescado Review by A Better Ski


Today I got my hands on the 2019 Line Pescado.  These skis designed by Eric Pollard are a monster of a pow ski weighing in at a length of 180 and dimensions of:158-125-147.  These skis have a playful flex and prominent swallowtail.  My current pow sticks are 116 under foot and I was feeling like that was finally going to be wide enough.  These things are 125 under foot with a huge nose! I don’t really know but I am willing to give them a try.  Fortunately I got to test them out on an exceptional powder day in Mammoth Lakes CA.


Special thanks to P3 in Mammoth Lakes CA for the demo.


Size: 180cm

Days: 1

Riders: Dan

Conditions: Powder, chopped powder, crud

Boots: Lange FR 130

Ski Personality: The 2019 Line Pescado is a playful and surfy charger that likes to play in the deep powder.

On the Snow Feel: I enjoyed the stability and playfulness of this ski. I felt like I was connected to the ground and could really feel the snow under my feet. They turned quickly in tight situations and performed well at high speed.

Powder: The 2019 Line Pescado is built to shred powder.  I took these guys out on a bottomless day in Mammoth and made sure to get some good lines to really put them to the test.  First tracks down a black diamond (face of 3) felt great as I was trying to find the center of the ski.  They flew over the smooth snow and skipped over the harder wind buff.  By my 3rd, I was cruising Climax and found the center I was looking for.  Pressing your downhill heel into the snow seems to be the sweet spot and I really enjoyed the feeling.  With the prominent swallow tail, when you push your heel into the snow it doesn’t kick back up at you allowing the tip to remain up and out of the snow.  It felt like I was working less to keep my skis floating.  I got great lines all day. Steep-and-deep, tight and steep trees, big wide open pow lines, and the 2019 Line Pescado performed well under all of the circumstances.

Turn Initiation and Carving: For such a large looking ski, it really doesn’t have the feeling of a clunker.  With a significant amount of rocker in the tip and early rise tail, the 2019 Line Pescado has a fairly short “wheel base”. On harder packed snow, they felt like a fat 168 underfoot.  Now I love short skis and like to try and test their limits so flying down a groomer with such a short base is fun for me but my buddy Ray thought he felt “out-of-control”.  These skis like to carve long fast turns which could be an issue if the snow gets too hard.  Shorter turns are a bit slow due to the width of the waist and I wouldn’t want to try and edge this ski at slower speeds all day unless you like working hard for your turns.  In soft snow, they turn almost effortlessly. I think that is because the skis seem to float on the top, even in the deepest of snow. When things get soft, the skis can make the shorter turns easily again as you are turning and not edging.

Speed: The 2019 Line Pescado likes to go fast.  It seemed like the faster I skied, the better they handled.

Uneven/Variable Terrain: I was impressed by how quite these skis stayed while I was flying through the afternoon chopped up powder.  Again here I could really feel the swallowtail at work.  The back of the ski wasn’t being thrown up and down as much keeping the tip relatively still.  Meanwhile, the tip was soft and handles the variable snow quietly and effortlessly.  The overall result was that my legs didn’t have to absorb as mush of the vibration to keep my upper body still.  At the end of the day, my legs still felt fresh and ready to go.

Edge Hold:  I didn’t do much edging on this particular day but I did cruise a groomer on my last run so I could report on this matter.  I felt like these skis were in their comfort zone making long fast turns in the fall line. If you try and turn them quickly on groomers it will take a lot of work and the edge won’t hold at high speeds on harder snow (I am guessing at this but I feel like they felt like a short 160 under foot and this length has its limits.)

Flex: The flex of the  2019 Line Pescado is soft and surfy.  In the soft snow they almost felt like having a couple of little trampolines on.  They like to bounce around, playing on pow pillows and charge big pow lines.  While the flex was soft, the surface area was massive.  With the shape of the ski, the faster I went, the more stable they became.

Bottom Line:  Is it really worth it to have a ski that is designed to in the deep powder?  Do the advantages of a swallowtail outweigh the pleasure of riding switch out of a line? My answer to both these questions is “YES!”  I really had an amazing day skiing the powder on the 2019 Line Pescado and I look forward to picking up a pair to shred on future powder days.


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