List Price US $709
4FRNT YLE Ski Review
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Skier Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Style Powder
Ski Width Wide
Ski Shape True Twin
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Core Material Poplar, Ash, Fiberglass, VibeVail
Turning Radius 24m @ 177cm
Manufactured in
Powder Excellent
Carving Average
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Great
Switch Great
Moguls Average
Trees Good
Jumps Good
Jibbing Good
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Medium Snow





4FRNT YLE 2016 Review by A Better Ski

Update: The YLE has been discontinued for 2017-2018


The 4FRNT YLE is Wiley Millers Pro ski, and really reflects his personal style. Sure buying this ski won’t make you ski like him, but it is what allows him to do what he does. I see this as a freestyle powder ski. This is the ski that you’re going to bring out when the snow is just dumping and you want a ski that is going to float and surf really well. At the same time, you’re the type of skier that’s going to be looking for slackcountry booters, dropping cliffs and pillows, and really just making the entire mountain your playground. This is the ski for the freestyle powder skier.

4FRNT YLE Freestyle Powder Ski Review

Size: 177cm

Days: 1

Riders: Matt

Conditions: Deep Soft Chop, Soft Groomers

Boots: Rossignol Alias Sensor 120

Bindings: Tyrolia AAATTACK 13

Ski Personality: The YLE is a playful powder ski with a freestyle feel

On the Snow Feel (Stability-Playfulness):  The 4FRNT YLE has a semi-stable feel that is just at home playing in the soft snow as it is charging through the chop at speed. It doesn’t have the same loose and washy feeling as the Hoji, but it’s still easy to break the ski loose when you want to surf, slide, and butter turns. It does take some work to swing the ski around, but it’s also what adds to the stability everywhere else.

Powder: Unfortunately I have yet to take the 4FRNT YLE out on a true powder day. I did have ten inches of fresh snow the day I tested, but this ski is really built for the deep. The 177cm has a 118mm waist (119 @ 187cm) which is going to give you a nice wide base to float. Both tip and tail have a significant amount of rocker that’s going to help the ski plane smoothly and quickly. The tip and tail are both 140cm wide, giving you a really wide platform to help keep tip and tail above the snow. I would love to get this ski out on a day we get a foot or two of snow to see how it really shines, but even in ten inches it was still really fun. It doesn’t have the same loose feeling as the Hoji (Full Rocker), but was still easy to surf, spin, and maneuver in the soft snow.

Turn Initiation and Carving: The 4FRNT YLE does have a small amount of taper in the tip that when combined with a significant amount of tip and tail rocker makes the ski easier to maneuver in deeper snow. A poplar and ash core, and semi-cap construction help to reduce weight, but the ski is still relatively heavy (and stable), and it does take some work to swing this ski around. Sure it can be playful, but it’s going to require some input from you to get it to slide and surf around the mountain. A small amount of traditional camber underfoot is going to give you the stability you want at times, and it’s also what keeps the ski capable on soft groomers. It’s going to take some speed to get the ski up on a high edge angle, but once there, the ski doesn’t feel like a one dimensional powder ski. You have a very even symmetrical flex that bends into the turn smoothly. I found the ski definitely prefers long radius to short, but it still has some surprising energy and quickness for how wide the ski is. The YLE does ski short given it’s symmetrical shape, but I never really noticed the tails washing out on me. As long as you stay centered and balanced the ski was plenty happy carving and finishing turns.

Speed: The 4FRNT YLE is not a light-weight and soft flexing powder ski. It does have a Hi-Lite poplar and ash core, as well as a semi-cap construction in tip and tail. This helps to reduce the swing weight, but also keeps some girth in the center of the ski. This helps to keep the ski damp and it feels quite stable at speed. The YLE also has VibeVail tech, which helps to reduce vibrations and again smooth out the ride. So even though the YLE can be quick and playful, it’s still burly enough to charge hard and fast.

Uneven/Variable Terrain: The 4FRNT YLE is very capable in chopped up and variable terrain. Not every run is going to be untracked powder, and you need a ski that’s going to be able to handle conditions when things start to get rough. The YLE isn’t a heavy ski necessarily, but a fiberglass laminate gives the ski a dampness that allows you to charge rough snow. It also helps that the YLE has a wide 140mm tip and tail that just seem to eat up variable terrain. It has a stiff enough flex that the tip doesn’t get eaten up and deflected when carrying some speed. Instead the ski rides over and smooths out the terrain like a burlier big mountain ski. It’s still a ski that’s going to prefer a more playful approach in deeper chop, but it is nice knowing you can still point them and charge when you need to.

Edge Hold: The 4FRNT YLE is a ski that definitely prefers soft snow, but when you need to take a hard packed groomer back to the lift, you have an edge that will hold. Underfoot, the YLE has a decent amount of camber, and full ABS sidewall. Sure it’s not going to rail like a skinny GS ski, but it has enough edge to carve some longer radius turns at speed and still make it back to the lift without sliding out.

Switch: The 4FRNT YLE has a symmetrical shape with an even flex. Even when mounted at recommended, the ski is geometrically center. This allows you to ski it just as well backwards as it does forwards.

Jumps and Jibs: The 4FRNT YLE has a symmetrical shape with a centered and balanced feel. It has just enough pop underfoot to get in the air with ease, and once there it feels relatively easy to swing. At the same time, the ski is stable and damp enough to stomp big airs. The flex is soft enough in the tip and tail to butter and press, but holds up well when taking off or landing.

Bottom Line: The 4FRNT YLE is really a freestyle powder ski with a touch of big-mountain feel thrown in. It’s a ski that likes the deep snow, and will float just as well as most powder skis. The ski is also easy to break free and surf and slide turns anytime you want. At the same time, the ski is stable and damp, allowing you to charge rough terrain and speed down the mountain. It’s burly enough to stomp big airs, and yet soft enough to butter and surf around on. It has a good amount of pop and snap, while retaining dampness and stability. The 4FRNT YLE is the ski for advanced and expert skiers who want to slay powder, drop big airs, play around any terrain, and crush variable conditions.


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