List Price US $709
4FRNT Uptrack Col Ski Review
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Skier Level Advanced - Expert
Ski Style Big Mountain (Freeride)
Ski Width Wide
Ski Shape Directional Twin
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Core Material Wood, VibeVail, Fiberglass
Turning Radius 25m @181cm
Manufactured in
Powder Great
Carving Good
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Great
Switch Average
Moguls Average
Trees Good
Jumps Good
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Medium Snow





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4FRNT Uptrack Col 2018 - 2017 Review by A Better Ski

2017-18 brought a name change, previously known as the Kye 110, the Uptrack Col saw no other changes other then the top sheet.


The 4FRNT Kye 110 is a great ski for the big mountain skier that wants to do it all. It’s a ski that likes speed, likes chop, and loves the soft snow, but is capable just about everywhere else on the mountain. It’s similar to the Hoji, but not nearly as loose or surfy.

4FRNT Kye 110 Big-Mountain Ski Review

Size: 181cm

Days: 1

Riders: Matt

Conditions: Soft Groomers, Soft Chop, Hard Packed Groomers

Boots: Rossignol Alias Sensor 120

Bindings: Tyrolia AAATTACK 13

Ski Personality: The Kye 110 is a stable big mountain ski that isn’t overly demanding

On the Snow Feel:  The 4FRNT Kye 110 is a semi-playful ski, which is also stable when you want it to be. It’s a ski that prefers the soft snow, and in those conditions it’s easy to surf and slarve turns.  Its light weight keeps it maneuverable and easy to pivot at any moment. At the same time you can lock the ski in, and carve out stable long radius turns at any speed.

Powder: The 4FRNT Kye 110 is the middle child of the lineup. The Kye series also features a 95 for all-mountain skiers and a 120 for powder skiers. The 110 fits right in the middle and combines the best of both worlds. It’s a fantastic ski in the soft snow and would be my go to in conditions anywhere from 6-12” of fresh snow. Float is good, but not fantastic, so anything deeper and I’d want to switch the bigger 120.

Turn Initiation and Carving: The 4FRNT Kye 110 is a relatively light-weight ski with a pretty significant rocker line in tip and tail. The tip is also pretty heavily tapered bringing the widest part of the ski closer to underfoot. This allows the ski to roll on edge much easier than a traditionally shaped ski. Even at slow speeds I found the Kye 110 to be responsive and easy to maneuver. Being 110 underfoot, it does take a little bit of speed to get it in on a high edge angle, but even then I felt like it was relatively easy. The Kye 110 definitely prefers large radius turns, but I did find it easy enough to vary turn shape when needed. Still, these skis are most at home pointing straight. I noticed a pretty big sweet spot, and never felt like the ski was unbalanced or washy. The tails held very well throughout the turn, and the ski was actually pretty powerful out of the turn. I would say transitions were snappy, but the ski was easy to maneuver from edge to edge. This gave it a quickness that you don’t often find in wider skis. Again, it was most at home on softer snow, and the rocker tip and rise in the tail allowed me to steer through the deeper snow with ease.

Speed: The 4FRNT Kye 110 sits in the same category as the Atomic Automatic 109, and Kastle BMX 105 HP. However, the Kye 110 is lighter and more maneuverable than the BMX 105, and far more stable than the Auto 109. This really is a great combination for big mountain skiers that want to do it all. Its light-weight keeps the ski maneuverable, but it does have a moderately stiff construction, and VibeVail tech. Both of these help to keep the Kye 110 more stable at speed, and even though it’s light weight, I felt like I could push the ski pretty hard. Again, I would say I was more confident speeding on soft snow than hard, but even when conditions weren’t perfect, the ski was stable and didn’t chatter. I wouldn’t give this the same top end as the BMX 105 HP, but for a light weight ski this is right up there at the top for stability.

Uneven/Variable Terrain: The 4FRNT Kye 110 is a ski that prefers soft snow, and is really fun in the chop and chunder. It’s not a ski that is going to blast through the crud like the BMX 105 HP or Moment Belafonte, but rather float over the top of the variable terrain. It’s similar in that sense to the Line Sick Day 110, or Atomic Automatic 109, but I feel the Kye 110 has the advantage because of a little extra stiffness and the VibeVail tech. While it’s a maneuverable and lightweight ski that does prefer to rise above the chop, it’s still got enough burliness to it to smooth things out.

Edge Hold: The 4FRNT Kye 110 is a ski that prefers the soft snow. I wouldn’t be afraid to take it on hardpack, but I’d prefer to ski it on softer snow more often than not.

Bottom Line: The 4FRNT Kye 110 is a great all-mountain/big-mountain ski for those who want to ski it all. It has the stability and speed loving dampness that is perfect for straight lining big lines, but also has the maneuverability, and playfulness to have some fun elsewhere on the mountain. It’s definitely a soft-snow specialist, and prefers off piste to on. This could be a daily driver for the skier who sees a lot of soft snow days, but doesn’t necessarily encounter a lot of super deep days.

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