List Price US $275
Type Insulated Pant
Treatment Type
Insert Type Other
Insulation Type Thinsulate
Taped Seams Fully Taped
Waterproof Zippers Yes
Bib No
Jacket to Pant Interface No
Venting Inner
Meshed Vents Yes
Layer Count 2 Layer
Company Waterproof Rating Above 20k
Company Breathability Rating Above 20K
Manufactured in
Waterproofing Great
Breathability Great
Warmth Good




2018 Descente Colden pant Review by A Better Ski

The Descente Colden pant is really kind of a simple yet do-it-all sort of pant that would be good for all kinds of skiers under most every wintry condition encountered.  They are mostly waterproof, highly breath-able, lightly insulated and durably constructed.  I’m honestly not trying to sell you these pants. It’s just that I currently have the step down from these pants, the Stock pant, and I love them dearly but now I am jealous that these Colden pants have a higher waterproof rating than mine for only 50 more bucks.

Special thanks to Kittredge Sports in Mammoth Lakes

Tester: Dan

Size: L

Waterproofing and Breath-ability: The Descente Colden pant is constructed with a Dermizax 20K membrane which claims to be completely waterproof and highly breath-able.  This membrane can compete with Gore-Tex in both of these categories provides a good alternative choice.  Scientifically, nothing can be both completely waterproof and breath-able but these pants score high in both categories.  They claim to have over 35k breath-ability which will allow your sweat to escape even on the most active of days.   Descente Colden pant is a good choice for everyone from mountaineers and back-country skiers to your aggressive weekend warrior where conditions don’t matter, just the skiing.

Warmth:  The Descente Colden pants have 3M THINSULATE 40G insulation making them an ideal choice for a wide variety of wintry conditions.  I like the versatility of 40G because it is light enough to not be too hot on a spring day or on a hike yet is warm enough to not freeze early in the morning before the sun has warmed up the air.  Add a layer of thermal leggings and you’re good to go in temps down into the low teens.  If you are planning on being in temps in the single digits and lower, find a more heavily insulated pant.

Fit:  I liked all of the  Motion 3D fit of the Descente line so for and the Descente Colden pants were no different.  They have a trim feel with unrestricted movement.  I own a pair of Stock pants and I love the mobility and I don’t have to wear a belt to keep them in place.  Descente pants are true to size so look for your jeans size when buying.

Features: Matte 4-Way Stretch; Carbon Dobby; Dermizax 20K; 20K; 3M THINSULATE 40G; Motion 3D Fit; Waist Adjuster; Inside Ventilation; Bottom Leg Zip; Back Pocket; Waterproof Leg Pocket; Durable Edge Guard

Bottom Line:  I really do like my Descente pants that I am using right now and would recommend them to anyone looking for a basic ski pant that is good for all conditions except extreme freezing temperatures.  I have the Stock pant and I am jealous of the waterproof rating of these Descente Colden pant.  In the wet heavy snow we get here in CA, it is worth the upgrade.

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