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TREW Chill Top 2016 Review by A Better Ski

The TREW Chill Top is a Nuyarn Merino wool base layer that feels very comfortable. Nuyarn uses a different construction method to make wool more lofty and comfortable. It’s also stretchy, and strong ensuring the Chill holds up over time. This is a great base layer for under your technical gear, and will provide a decent amount of warmth, comfort, and breathability.

TREW Chill Top Nuyarn Merino Wool Base Layer Review

Tester: Matt

Size: M

Matt’s Specs: Sizing Info      

Fit: The TREW Chill Top has a very comfortable and relatively low profile fit. It is a mid-weight base layer, so it does have a little bit of thickness to it, but I found the small fit me just about perfect.

Features: The TREW Chill Top has a built in hood that would be great for under your helmet on a really cold day. The hood also has a facemask built in to protect your face from the elements on a cold and windy day. The TREW Chill Top also has built in thumb loops to keep the sleeves in place, and a drop tail to cover your backside better. The feel is very soft and comfortable, and the wool will insulate when wet. It also breathes well, and does a good job with moisture management.

Best Uses: The TREW Chill is the perfect mid-weight base-layer for days you need a little extra protection form the elements. It’s comfortable, warm, and performs well in a lot of conditions.

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