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The North Face Independence 2015 Review by A Better Ski

For those looking for versatility in their jacket, 3in1’s are always a good option. You can use it as an insulated jacket, or take the insulated layer out and use that or the shell all on its own. The downside to 3in1’s is that they can feel a bit heavy and bulky. They also tend to bit a bit less breathable because you have two layers instead of one. 3in1’s aren’t for everybody, but those who like them will want to consider The North Face Independence.  Like most North Face jackets in this price range, the outer shell of the Independence is made with North Faces Hyvent 2L waterproof material. The waterproofing is pretty middle of the road, so those that tend to ski in really wet climates may want to look elsewhere, but I think most people will find it more than enough for everyday use. The fit is pretty true to size, although it seems to run a bit short in the waist. I really like a tighter and longer jacket (just my preference), and most of The North Face Jackets seem to be a little short. Not in a bad way, but I prefer my jackets to be well below the waist, not at it. The North Face Independence has no outer chest pocket, but does have two hand warming pockets and a pass pocket on the arm. Overall The North Face Independence is a good jacket for those who want a 3in1 at fairly good price. Just remember you’re not getting the most technical jacket out there, but rather The North Face Independence is a solid everyday jacket for the casual resort skier.

Jacket Size – S

Matt’s Specs:
Normal Specs– 5’10”, 160 lbs,
Upper Body– 34.5” Chest, Torso Length 23” (collar bone to pant button), Shoulder Width Approx 22”, Arm Length 18.5” (pit to wrist)
Lower Body– 30” Waist, 38” Hips, 30” Inseam,  22” Thigh
Turn On’s: Active fit jackets that fit well around my chest and torso, but don’t restrict movement.
Turn Off’s: Size S Jackets that are too tight, and Size M jackets that are too loose in the waist. I really don’t like a loose waist that can allow cold air in, and I don’t like having to cinch down the waist. I also don’t like jackets that ride up when I’m skiing, The jacket should stay in place.

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