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Oakley Mig Lite 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Oakley Mig Lite Jacket is a stylish and comfortable jacket best suited to mild weather. It has minimal waterproofing and no insulation. It would be an okay jacket for the mountain, but probably better suited to wearing out after a day of skiing.

Oakley Mig Lite Ski Jacket Review

Tester: Matt

Size: S

Matt’s Specs: Sizing Info

Waterproofing and Breathability: The Oakley Mig Lite is really more water resistant than waterproof. It has a 3k waterproof rating, and really isn’t meant to be out in wet conditions. It may be okay in a light snow, but it’s geared much more to blue sky days. Breathability is a little better, and okay for cruising around the resort. It’s not going to be good for boot packing or hiking to your favorites runs.       

Warmth: The Oakley Mig Lite is a water resistant shell without insulation. This jacket is geared much more to mild blue sky days than it is riding in any sort of cold and nasty weather. It would be an okay jacket for really mild days, or for about town after a day of skiing.         

Fit: The Oakley Mig Lite fits really well. It has a very conforming, and flattering fit that felt true to size. The jacket is comfortable and feels great. Arm length is good, and shoulder width is fine. It may be on the slightly tight side, but really not bad at all.

Features: The Oakley Mig Lite is a pretty basic jacket that’s better suited to mild conditions on the mountain, or for apres after a day of skiing. It does have a nice contoured hood, but lacks a powder skirt, and pit zips. I really like this jacket a lot, but it’s much more geared to a night out after skiing than it is to using it for skiing. You could definitely wear it on the mountain, but you’ll want to make sure it’s a pretty mild day.

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