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Descente Cascade 2016 Review by A Better Ski

The Descente Cascade is a technical soft-shell that could be used as a standalone piece on milder days on the snow. It has some decent waterproofing (especially for a soft-shell), but won’t provide a ton of warmth or protection from nasty storms.

Descente Cascade Soft-Shell Ski Jacket Review


Tester: Matt

Size: M

Matt’s Specs: Sizing Info

Waterproofing and Breathability: The Descente Cascade actually has a 20k DT waterproof barrier. This is starting to get into the higher end of waterproof tech, and is far more than what you typically see in a soft-shell. This is great for those skiers that like soft-shells but want more wet weather protection. Breathability is also pretty solid. It’s offer far better in soft-shells than hard-shells and this is no exception.

Warmth: The Descente Cascade is better suited to mild days than is for cold days on the snow. You could fit a thick mid-layer underneath for extra warmth, but this is probably never going to be you’re go-to jacket for the blistery cold days.

Fit: The Descente Cascade has a pretty standard fit to it. We found it comfortable and true to size. For my body type, the medium works well, or I could even go small for a more tailored fit. If I was using this as an outer layer I would go medium for extra room, but if I don’t plan on using this with a lot of layers underneath, I would go with the small. It wasn’t overly stretchy for a soft-shell, and I’d like to see maybe a bit more mobility, but it definitely was not bad.

Features: The Descente Cascade is a pretty minimal jacket. It has good waterproofing and breathability as well as two chest pockets, and two hand-warming pockets. There really isn’t a whole lot else going on in or outside of this jacket.

Bottom Line: The Descente Cascade is a technical soft-shell that provides great waterproofing for a soft-shell. It’s a great jacket for those skiers that like soft-shells and want decent waterproof protection. It’s not going to be great on a cold and stormy day, but perfect for milder conditions.

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