List Price US $660
Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL Ski Boot Review
Approx. Weight Feels Heavy
Boot Type All Mountain
Skier Level Intermediate - Expert
# of Buckles 4
Ski/Hike Mode No
Cuff Adjustment Yes
Interchangeable Sole Yes
Manufactured in
Response Good
Comfort Great
Heel Hold Good
Shock Absorption Good


Anatomic Last


Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL is the boot for big skiers with big feet. The Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL has a very wide 106mm last, and a pretty solid 120 flex. Often times boots this wide tend to lack a little bit of performance, but for the right skier, I feel that this boot could be pretty decent. Not everyone has a foot that can fit into a 97mm last, but I know a lot of big foot guys that want to ski hard. Often times these guys are also quite heavy, so a stiff flexing boot is vital to skiing aggressive on the mountain. This boot has a 120 flex that does feel pretty substantial. I wouldn’t call it a super stiff boot, but it is moderately stiff and should offer decent performance for bigger guys. Tecnica incorporated their I-Rebound technology that helps to aid support in the rear of the boot for better rebound and balance. The Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL feels powerful and responsive. Some of the heavier guys will still probably be able to overflex the boot, but there aren’t a whole lot of better options for wider feet. Smaller guys will find the flex pretty stiff, and the rebound is actually really good. With such a large last, the Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL is actually quite easy to get on the foot. It’s pretty comfortable overall, but the 106 last is truly high volume. This is going to be the boot for the biggest feet. If you find yourself having to really crank down on the buckles it’s probably too big. For the right foot, the boot would have decent heel hold, decent response, and decent power. Now overall this boot isn’t going to perform like Tecnicas Mach1 series (the high performance line-up), but it’s still a solid all-mountain boot. Those guys who are forced to have a high last will be happy to find a 120 flex sport boot. It’s a good boot for all-mountain skiers and will offer plenty of performance for advanced skiers. It has a relatively forward stance that will keep aggressive skiers driving the skis. The Tecnica Ten.2 120 HVL is high last, and high performance.

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