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Seirus Cat Tracks Boot Accessory Review
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Seirus Cat Tracks 2016 - 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Seirus Cat Tracks are a very simple and yet highly effective product to keep you from eating away at the bottom of your ski boots. If you’re like me you don’t often pay for premier front row parking, nor do you see the need for changing in the locker rooms at your local resort. That means you’re probably putting on your ski boots at the car and walking to the nearest ski lift. When the lift is only a few feet away it’s not a big deal to walk in your boots, but when the walk is further, that trip to the lift can really eat away at the soles of our ski boots. After a season of walking to the lift in my boots I notice that my soles are just about worn out completely, and they need to be replaced or I risk eating into the shell of my boot. Once you get to the shell, there is no saving that boot. Of course I can stop wearing my ski boots until I get on snow, but that isn’t always the most convenient. I can also replace the soles of my boots every time they were out. However, sometimes I forget to look at my soles, or they wear out faster than I expect. Worse yet, not all ski boot soles are replaceable. The Seirus Cat Tracks are a very simple rubber sole that I can attach to the bottom of my boots to help keep my soles from wearing out when walking around off snow. The Cat Tracks also give me a little bit of traction, so ice isn’t as big a threat is it was before. One I get to the lift I can just take the Cat Tracks off and I’m ready to clip into my bindings.

I absolutely love the Seirus Cat Tracks for the simple fact that they have saved my boot soles. No, they are not perfect. They aren’t exactly easy to stretch on over my boots, but once I do they seem to stay put decently well. You just need to make sure they are all the way on before heading out. The other thing is that you need to carry them with you once you get on snow. When I have a backpack it’s not a big deal, but sticking them in my jacket pocket isn’t exactly ideal. Still, I think it’s worth having that piece of mind knowing that my boot soles won’t wear out as fast as they would otherwise. If you’re looking to protect your boot soles, definitely consider grabbing a pair of the Seirus Cat Tracks.

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