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Salomon Quest Access 90 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Salomon Quest Access 90 is a great all-mountain boot for intermediate level skiers. It has a comfortable 104mm last, and semi-customizable liner. The CustomFit 3D Sport liner is made with 30% thermomoldable foam that allows for a moderate customized fit. With a 104mm last the toebox has a lot of room, and the wool layer in the toeas keep them warm and comfortable. I didn’t find the heel hold to be as good as some of the higher end boots, but it wasn’t bad either. I found there to be a lot of room between my foot and the upper part of the toebox, but my feet are not super high volume even though they are quite wide. For my foot shape it means that I really have to crank down the buckles on the Salomon Quest Access 90 to keep my foot from moving. This won’t be a huge deal for most intermediate skiers, or for those with a higher volume foot. The flex rating is 90, and it feels pretty true to that. I’d say that most aggressive skiers will want a bit more flex, but intermediate skiers will find this flex to be pretty good for skiing all over the mountain. A softer flex also tends means the Salomon Quest Access 90 feels a bit more comfortable. Like most boots I found that the Salomon Quest Access 90 would need a good bit of customization for a good fit, but everybody has a different foot structure and shape and will find different boots and brands to fit better than others. This generally becomes less of a problem with wide, soft flexing all mountain boots. Most of these are designed a bit more for comfort than high performance. The Salomon Quest Access 90 was relatively comfortable out of the box. I generally like a stiffer boot, but if you’re an intermediate skier that wants a bit more comfort, the Salomon Quest Access 90 is not a bad option.

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