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Rossignol Alltrack 120 2015 Review by A Better Ski

One of my biggest complaints about ski boots of the past has been that wide boots never come in a performance flex. This has been so frustrating for me since I am a very aggressive skier, but need to have a wider last. Thankfully it is slowly becoming easier to find performance boots in a wider last. I have been very happy with my Rossignol boots of the past and was extremely excited to see them come out with the Rossignol Alltrack 120 which features a 120 flex and a 102mm last. While almost all boots require a bit of customization for best fit and performance, I still love getting boots that feel relatively comfortable out of the box. The less adjustments I have to make, the happier I am. Out of the box, the Rossignol Alltrack 120 has a nice feel. It’s stiff without being to overly heavy or bulky, and the fit is relatively comfortable. The toe box gives me enough room for my wide feet, but the heel doesn’t feel overly loose. I also like that the toe box doesn’t feel too overly roomy. Sometimes with wide boots, the volume also seems to be a bit large to accommodate bigger feet. But with a larger volume toe box the foot has a bit more room to move around. I felt that the Rossignol Alltrack 120 wraps my foot nicely, and didn’t allow for a ton of extra movement. This means that the 120 flex truly feels like a 120 flex. They feel powerful, and it flexed smoothly and consistently. It didn’t take a ton of effort to get on and off either. The insulation feels warm, but my feet do run a bit warmer and I usually don’t have problems with cold feet. I did find the buckles a bit challenging to snap, but not any worse than most other boots. The Rossignol Alltrack 120 does have a ski/walk mode that feels more natural when walking and yet still delivers when skiing downhill. It also has an optional WTR sole that has a slight rocker for more natural walking. Like all boots they do require a bit of customization, but overall I really like the Rossignol Alltrack 120. They are relatatively comfortable, while still being a high performance boot.

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