List Price US $499
Lange SX 120 Ski Boot Review
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Boot Type All Mountain
Skier Level Intermediate - Advanced
# of Buckles 4
Ski/Hike Mode No
Cuff Adjustment Yes
Interchangeable Sole Yes
Manufactured in
Response Good
Comfort Good
Heel Hold Good
Shock Absorption Good


Anatomic Last


Lange SX 120 2015 Review by A Better Ski

Not everyone has a foot that can fit into a 97mm last. I’m one of those skiers who unfortunately have a wide foot, and can’t cram them into something smaller than a 102mm last without punching them out significantly. But I am also a very aggressive skier that wants a stiff flex and high performing boot. I think the biggest problem with most wide lasted boots is that they are a bit softer flex, or they are a bit too roomy to truly give you the performance that you need. The Lange SX 120 is a great compromise between wide last and overall performance. Sure it’s still not going to have the power and flex of a 97mm last 130 flex boot, but for those of us with wide feet, it does a pretty good job. The Lange SX 120 is made with a mono injected shell, just like the higher end lines, but it does have a softer in-step area. This makes it feel slightly softer than the 120 flex might make it seem. The heel cup does a decent job holding my heel in place, and at 102mm last I felt like I had enough room for my toes. I do use a footbed to help keep my heel in place a little bit better, and to keep my toes from pronating out. Sure you do give up a little bit of high end performance in wide last boots, but as long as it holds your heel in their nice and tight and feels comfortable it’s still going to perform pretty well overall. The Lange SX 120 is a solid wide lasted boot, and if you’re like me and don’t have the option to go for something smaller, it’s not a bad option to have. It’s comfortable, has a decent fit, and still delivers decent performance.

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