List Price US $599
K2 Pinnacle 110 Ski Boot Review
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Boot Type All Mountain
Skier Level Intermediate - Advanced
# of Buckles 3
Ski/Hike Mode Yes
Cuff Adjustment Yes
Interchangeable Sole Yes
Manufactured in
Response Good
Comfort Good
Heel Hold Good
Shock Absorption Good


Anatomic Last


K2 Pinnacle 110 2015 Review by A Better Ski

I really love the look of K2’s new boots. Of course looks aren’t everything, and K2 delivers performance and relative comfort with both the K2 SpYne and Pinnacle series. I was a big fan of the K2 Spyne 110 (130 for heavier riders), so I was very interested to check out the Pinnacle 110 (and 130) as well. The Pinnacle series is similar to the SpYne, but offers more versatility for backcountry and touring. Instead of the Energy Interlock we find in the K2 Spyne 110, the K2 Pinnacle 110 has a Synchro Interlock. The Synchro interlock gives the Pinnacle a wider range of motion for walking and touring, but can be locked down to provide good performance when skiing downhill. I have not had the chance to compare the SpYne and Pinnacle side by side on the mountain, but when flexing the boots on ground I didn’t notice a huge difference (both have the PowerFuse SpYne). I’d suspect that the SpYne will offer slightly better rebound and energy given that the Energy Interlock is a one piece design (no rivets). While I feel that the Synchro Interlock does a good job, locking mechanisms just never seem to have the same power. That being said, I felt that the flex and rebound of the K2 Pinnacle 110 is actually pretty good. It was smooth and relatively powerful for a 110 flex. The 110 is a nice compromise between forgiveness and power, but heavier guys may want to opt for the stiffer Pinnacle 130. While I do like a stiff boot (I ski my 120 flex Rossi’s almost every day), I don’t mind a softer flex for days I want to ski a bit more relaxed. The K2 Pinnacle 110 still offers plenty of flex for almost any day on the mountain. I feel that the SpYne is designed a bit more for aggressive all mountain skiing, while the Pinnacle is a bit more freeride friendly. The stance feels natural and comfortable, but it can be adjusted to accommodate a more forward stance. The K2 Pinnacle 110 also comes with integrated tech fittings for backcountry touring. The SpYne does not have tech fittings. While the boot is relatively comfortable out of the box, it’s not going to fit every foot the same. The 102 last is slightly tight for me, but I did like how well it conformed to my foot. I thought heel hold was also pretty good, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the boot was a bit tighter than I normally wear. Overall the K2 Pinnacle 110 is a great boot, especially for those who will be doing a bit of touring as well as resort skiing. If you’re only going to be at the resort there’s no reason to go Pinnacle over SpYne. Both series offer solid performance, but the SpYne would be slightly better at the resort. I love that SpYne also comes in several lasts to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes. If you find the Pinnacle to fit well, it’s a great boot. Both offer decent comfort (for the right foot), and solid performance on and off piste.

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