List Price US $199
Tyrolia AAAttack 13 Ski Binding Review
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Binding Type Downhill
Ski Type Easy - Semi-Challenging to Turn
Skier Level Intermediate - Advanced
Antri-Friction Device Yes
Lifter No
Integraded Binding No
DIN Range 4-12
Brake Width N/A
Manufactured in Imported
Adjustability Good
Holding Power Strong
Shock Absorption Good
Heel-Toe Response Good

Tyrolia AAAttack 13 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Tyrolia AAAttack 13 is a solid all-mountain binding for lighter freeride skiers, and is one that can definitely compete with Marker Griffon as one of our favorites.  The AAA series stands for access all areas, and is the idea behind the AAA line of Tyrolia Bindings. The Tyrolia AAAttack 13 is a solid all mountain binding for intermediate to advanced riders that like to explore the entire mountain. We’ve used them on several wider model skis including the Liberty Origins (one of our favorites), and the Rossignol Soul 7. On both of these skis, the Tyrolia AAAttack 13 was a great binding. It has Tyrolias Freeride Pro Toe that looks and works similar to the Marker Royal Family. It has a horizontal spring, and full diagonal release that allows it to release with horizontal or vertical forces, helping to save the knees in a bad twisting fall. The toe height is also easy to adjust, accommodating different height boot soles. This makes sure your toe is nice and tight when it needs to be. The TRP toe system of rollers also ensures that boot will remain center, helping to ensure more consistent performance and release. The toe piece is light-weight, and pretty low profile, helping to keep the swing weight down. The metal AFD is 77mm wide, almost as wide as the binding itself. It helps to reduce friction well, and again we had no issues with release. The heel piece on the Tyrolia AAAttack 13 is a race heel (the AAA 16 has a Pro Race Heel), that is a solid metal (ti) construction that again is light weight and yet feels quite solid. Its low height and wide track help to ensure good power transition. The Pro heel gives a bit more contact area for better forward pressure, but we never had an issue with the 13. The DIN range extends from 4-12, which is often high enough for all but the heaviest or most aggressive skiers. Those skiers may want to consider the AAAttack 16. It’s important to note that we did not test this binding out in the park, and we have heard some people say they have come out of their bindings prematurely. Like all bindings it’s important make sure they are adjusted properly. Overall it’s a solid freeride binding for skiers that like to explore a large area of the mountain. It’s important to note that it does not come with brakes.

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