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Salomon Z12 2015 Review by A Better Ski

A good ski is nothing without a good binding attached to it. Bindings are the interface between our boots and the ski itself. All of the input and power that we make are transferred from our boots to the bindings and skis. It’s important to make sure that our skis have the right bindings for our skis and skiing style. The Salomon Z12 is a good all-mountain binding for intermediate to advanced skiers that spend the majority of their time at the resort. Built with titanium construction, the binding is really light weight for a resort binding. This makes it an enticing option for those who want to keep their setup light. The extra long wings of the Salomon Z12 gives you more control and better lateral transmission. With a high amount of lateral transmission, the binding has pretty good shock absorption. I never had any issues with premature release. The Vertical Progressive Pivot helps to control the release in a backwards fall, giving you the confidence to ski faster. The Salomon Z12 also has automatic wing adjustment to help make sure your boot is always adjusted to your binding. The Salomon Z12 is relatively low profile and has a more traditional tow piece. With a DIN Range of 4-12 the binding accommodates a wide range of skiers and ability levels. However, heavier aggressive skiers may want to look into a binding that is a bit more substantial and has a higher DIN setting. It’s relatively easy to enter the binding, but with the longer wings I felt like it still had a decent amount of travel before release. I wouldn’t say the Salomon Z12 is the best option for expert skiers, but it’s a solid all-mountain binding for intermediate to advanced riders. It has decent shock absorption, power transmission, and good binding retention while still being easy to use.

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