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Marker Squire 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Marker Squire isn’t necessarily a women’s specific binding, but it is designed for more light-weight skiers. It has a DIN range of 3-11, but lighter aggressive skiers will find it to have plenty of hold. Like the other bindings in the Royal Family, the Squire has a triple pivot toe with a horizontal spring that helps to increase shock absorption while retaining good power transmission. With a stainless steel AFD gliding plate you can be confident that your boot will release when needed, even with ice or dirt built up. The Squire has a hollow linkage heel that helps to decrease weight while retaining power transmission. Finally, like other Marker Bindings, the Squire has a power width design. This creates a wider connection between the skis and bindings, helping to increase power transmission. It has a pretty low profile, and is pretty lightweight. It’s not as beefy as the Jester, but the Marker Squire is definitely powerful enough for lighter riders. It’s not the best for park riders who are putting a lot of stress on the binding, but again smaller riders could use it in the park. I think a lot of women will like the Marker Squire, especially on a lighter ski. It’s light weight will keep a ski easy to maneuver, but it still gives you plenty of control, power transmission, and hold. I also really like the low profile, wide design that many new freeride bindings are going to. It’s an easy binding to get in and out of, but we never had any issues with release. Overall, the Marker Squire is a good all-mountain binding designed for light skiers, or less aggressive skiers. It’s great for resort riding, and can be a go-to binding for just about anywhere on the mountain.

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