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Marker IPT Wideride 12 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Marker IPT Wideride 12 Binding is a system binding developed for Volkl RTM and V-Werks skis. We thought it was worth including here because it’s kind of a cool idea that we really like. The Wideride binding system was developed because far too often traditional bindings don’t work that well with today’s wider skis. Of course this is most obvious with wide all mountain or powder skis that can be as wide 125+mm, but the same can hold true for wider front-side skis as well. With the addition of the RTM 80, 81, and 84 to Volkls lineup it was important to have a binding that would work better for the “wider” skis. The Marker IPT Wideride 12 is built with a 30% greater contact area with the binding mounted closer to the edge of the ski. With the binding closer to the edge of the ski, more energy is transferred from the binding to the edge of the ski making it more responsive and giving the skier better edge control. With a more traditional binding (one mounted more central) you can lose some power transmission from the binding to the ski. So what does mean for the average skier? The Marker IPT Wideride 12 does a great job of transferring input from you to the ski, allowing for better edge control and responsiveness. Of course all of this means nothing if the binding can’t hold your boot in place, so the Marker IPT Wideride 12 is designed with the same Triple Pivot Elite toe and Inter Pivot heel as bindings in the Royal Family Line. The Triple Pivot Elite Toe provides fantastic energy absorption while still providing strong power transmission. Likewise the Inter Pivot heel provides strong holding power by focusing the energy on the boot sole. This again helps to ensure great power transmission. Because this is a system binding it works great on the Volkl RTM skis, and truly provides great power transmission, edge control, and responsiveness.

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