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Marker Griffon 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Marker Griffon is pretty solid go-to binding for all-mountain and freestyle skis. I have had a chance to ride on the Marker Griffon quite a bit as it’s often found on shop Demo skis, but I have also used the Griffon on my personal pair for a couple of years now. I know some people have had issues with durability and others have said they pop off too easy, but I have been on the Griffon a lot and never had an issue with it holding. Yea it does have some plastic in it, but again I have used the Marker Griffon for several seasons and never had problems. Maybe there were a few bad eggs. The good thing is that the Griffon comes with a one year warranty and Marker will replace any ski that malfunctions in that time. Now for the performance….The Griffon comes with a Din Range of 4-13, which accommodates a large range of skier abilities. The Triple Pivot Elite toe has a horizontal spring to increase energy absorption and power transmission to the ski. Behind the toe is a wide footprint for better performance on wide skis, and a gliding anti-friction device to help aid with lateral boot movement in a fall. The only downside to the gliding AFD is I feel I lose a bit of power, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me. The Inter-Pivot heel has been added for increased hold and lighter weight. Finally is the width. When marker first introduced the royal family of bindings they increased the width of base that extends all the way to the top of the binding. This give it more power on today’s wider skis. The Griffon also a bit shorter this year at 22mm w/o ski. This makes it a bit easier to pivot and turn the ski. The Marker Griffon is a great all-around binding designed for use with some of today’s wider skis. It’s not as burly as the Jester Pro or as light as the Baron, but for anyone looking for a great binding you can use on your everyday ski, the Griffon is a great option.


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