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The Zeal Voyager is a good option for those who find the need to change out their lens often. The Voyager makes changing lens quick and easy without the fear of losing the lens on the way down the mountain.

Zeal Voyager Ski Goggle On-Mountain Video Review

Helmet: Smith Vantage

Optics: We tested the Zeal Voyager with the Alchemy Mirror lens with a 30% VLT. This is definitely on the higher side for VLT and works better in low light than it does in bright. However, I will say that I was actually pretty surprised at how well it performs across a range of light conditions. I wouldn’t reach for this on the darkest or brightest days, but I found that it worked really well on anything in between. Sure it’s not as good as the Auto+ lens, if this is the only lens you own you’ll be fine on a lot of different days. The best part of the Voyager frame is that it’s super easy to change out lens. When I first got the frame I immediately started playing around with the lens, and even on the first time it only took me about 30 seconds to take off the lens and put in a replacement.  As for the optics, I’ve always been happy with Zeal. It may not be my favorite lens, but they are certainly solid. The definition the lens gives is pretty good, and I will say that I like the tint of the Alchemy Mirror. My eyes adjusted pretty quickly, but I did have an odd experience when looking down and then quickly looking up from time to time. It wasn’t bad when riding, but it did catch me off guard a few times. Still, I really did like this lens when moving. It’s not quite on par with my favorite lens (the Bolle Citrus Gun Modulator), but it does do decently well on the snow. Personally I’d opt for the Auto+ lens over the Alchemy Mirror, but for the price the mirror is pretty solid.

Fit and Field of View: The Zeal Voyager has a medium sized frame that seems to fit decently well. As for the shape, it’s sort of a combo of the larger Forecast, and smaller Slate. Field of view isn’t quite as impressive as the Forecast, but is still pretty good. It actually reminds me quite a bit of the Smith I/O. For a medium sized frame the view is good, but doesn’t blow my mind. Like the Slate, I do notice the frame a bit more than others we’ve tested. I do like the frameless design though, and it looks quite nice on the face. The fit is comfortable, and the foam is nice and soft. My only complaint with the fit of the frame is that there is a small gap on the outside (near my temples), but it still seems to seal itself well enough to keep air from flowing in.

Ventilation and Anti-Fog: On a warm sunny day the Voyager does a pretty good job with ventilation and anti-fog. Even when hiking to in-bounds terrain (and working up a sweat), the goggle doesn’t feel overly warm, nor did I ever have issues with fogging. Almost every goggle I have tested from Zeal seems to do fine in this area. When it’s cold and snowy, the goggle resists fogging decently well, but does eventually give in. I will say that I haven’t had any goggles necessarily blow me away in these conditions, and the Voyager holds up well enough to compete with most other goggles. I would like to see a bit more ventilation for the warmest days, but overall it’s not too bad.

Final Thoughts: The Zeal Voyager is a solid goggle, but nothing about it really blows us away. Still, it has enough features and performs well enough to consider using as my everyday goggle. The lens changing system is probably my favorite thing about the Voyager. It’s pretty simple to use and changing the lens is quick. It’s not quite as quick or easy as some of the magnetized options out there, but I almost prefer this since it seems more secure. I think if you’re looking for a solid goggle that allows you to change lens quickly, but still give you peace of mind that I sometimes find lacking in magnetized options, the Voyager could work well for you. As a nice bonus, the Voyager is one of the better looking goggles out there. So if style is your thing, then bonus points go to the Voyager.

List Price US $150
Zeal Voyager Ski Accessory Review

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