The North Face Montana Mitt 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The North Face Montana Mitt is a solid contender for A Better Ski Favorite in the women’s gloves category. Our tester is a big fan of mittens and The North Face Montana Mitt stands out because of its warmth, fit, features, and price. At just $70.00 the Montana Mitt is a budget friendly option, but it performs at a high level. With 150g of Heatseeker insulation, The North Face Montana Mitt is set to take on some pretty cold temperatures. It’s even warmer than The North Face Powderflo which is one of our favorite gloves. The biggest difference between the two is glove vs. mitt, and is probably why The North Face Montana Mitt feels warmer with the same amount of insulation. A waterproof Hyvent layer does a pretty solid job of keeping your hands dry in wet weather. We don’t feel it’s quite as good as Gore-Tex, but Hyvent does seem to be one of the better “entry level” fabrics. We could probably use The North Face Montana Mitt in a place like Colorado all season and not worry about them wetting out. It still may be worth the extra cost for the protection of Gore-Tex if you live in a very wet climate, but for us, Hyvent is just fine. Like the Powderflo, The North Face Montana Mitt has a removable Wrist Oven leash that enables you to place a handwarmer in for added warmth. The leash will help keep you from losing the mitt, but also provides a little extra warmth and protection from snow. The full coverage gauntlet also does a great job keeping snow out of your wrist, and fits well over a jacket. The North Face Montana Mitt has a women specific fit that feels comfortable and pretty true to size. One of the biggest surprises with The North Face Montana Mitt is that it feels pretty dexterous for a mitt. The North Face also designed it with an articulated shape that feels natural and comfortable. Overall, The North Face Montana Mitt is a solid all-arounder. I think the only thing keeping this out of our favorites list is a Hyvent layer over Gore-Tex. It’s definitely a decent waterproof membrane, and much less expensive, but the addition of Gore-Tex would make this glove just a bit more bomber, and better overall. We still feel like it’s a great option for resort skiers, and at $70 it’s definitely worth the price.

Size Worn: M
What I look for in a glove: My hands run cold, so I like a warm glove or mitten. Also as a person who spends a lot of time in contact with the snow, I like gloves that are very waterproof and don’t soak through. Having liners is a nice benefit because they add warmth, and are easier to dry out a glove if it does get wet.


List Price US $70
The North Face Montana Mitt Review

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