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A few weeks back I saw the Swany X-Change gloves in a local ski shop and I just had to take a look. Since it’s mid-August and it was 98 degrees yesterday, it’s hard to really write a review for these gloves. However, I just had to try them on and check out the features. Here are a few first impressions with the Swany X-Change to get us through until the snow starts flying again. At first glance the Swany X-Change gloves look like they come with all the bells and whistles. I grabbed a large from the rack and put it on. My first thought was how comfortable the inside liner feels and how well they seem to fit. The glove was really soft, and it felt like there was a decent amount of insulation. My hands normally run really warm so I almost never use gloves with a ton of insulation. To me the Swany X-Change felt much more insulated than my OR Arete gloves and about on par with my OR Ridgelines. Since the OR Aretes are more than enough for most days I ski, I would have no doubt that the Swany X-Change would be as well. Plus the Swany X-Change has a small pocket on the back of the glove for a hot hands pack. Sure they aren’t going to be as warm as a mitten, and if you’re hands run cold you may not find them warm enough. For me, however, I felt they seemed primed for some colder days on the mountain. The palm is leather with Duragrip. It feels mildly rugged, but definitely not on par with something like the Hestra Seth Morrison Pro. I did like the dexterity though, and my fingers felt easy to move and bend. The back of the hand has a leather trim and nylon soft shell feel. Inside is a Dryfinger II waterproof insert, and Swany Dry Lining. Again I haven’t had the opportunity to try these out in wet weather, but in my experience with Dryfinger in the past, it’s on par with most entry to mid-level waterproof fabrics. For those that ski in drier areas like Colorado, it would work fine for most days. However, those in wet areas like the PNW might find it more worthwhile to go Gore-Tex. I did really like the gauntlet style cuff of the Swany X-Change. It was easy to cinch down and felt secure on the wrist. The Swany X-Change also comes with a leash that feels secure enough. First impressions would seem like the Swany X-change is a pretty decent resort type glove. I could easily use it as my everyday resort glove here in CO and probably be just fine. I would like to see some removable liners, but not a deal breaker. I have also heard of issues with durability, so it’d be interesting to get my hands on these and see how they hold up over time. As we get some time in these this winter I’ll post more details.


Size Worn: L (Hand Circumference: 8.5 Inches, Hand Length: 7.5 Inches)

What I look for in a glove: My hands run really warm, so I like a glove that isn’t too hot! I really love gloves that have removable liners so I can use them together on really cold days, or use just the shell, or just the liner. I also really like to have dexterity when skiing. I don’t necessarily need a glove that allows me to use my phone, or other small electronics, but I definitely want to be able to buckle my boots, zip my jacket, etc…

List Price US $99
Swany X-Change Ski Accessory Review

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