Spyder Traverse Mitten 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Spyder Traverse Mitten is a great glove for those cold days on the slopes. It’s highly waterproof, and offers superior warmth when the temps drop. It makes a great option for resorts skiers in cold climates.

Warmth: The Spyder Traverse Mitten is one of the warmer options that we’ve tested. It has 200g of ThermaWEB synthetic insulation that is light-weight and warm. Being a mitten also tends to help keep your fingers a bit warmer than gloves. They aren’t necessarily going to be great in sub-zero temps, but they will be far better than most other gloves. I would like to see a removable, or interchangeable liner like the Hestra Heli Mitt, but for cold days the Spyder Traverse isn’t a bad option.

Waterproofing: The Spyder Traverse Mitten is definitely a pretty bomber glove when it comes to wet weather protection. It has both a Spylon+ DWR coating that helps to bead up moisture effectively, and a water resistant Xt. Coating with a 10k waterproof rating. Then Spyder adds in a highly waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to ensure that your hands stay dry no matter the weather.

Breathability: Although Gore-Tex can be relatively breathable, the Spyder Traverse Mitten isn’t a great option for activities where breathability is paramount. They do breathe a bit, but if you’re doing a lot of high aerobic activity, your hands will get warm and sweaty.

Fit: The Spyder Traverse Mitten feel pretty true to size. They do feel roomy in the fingers and palm, with just enough closure at the wrist to make them feel secure.

Durability: Spyder often makes a pretty well built and durable product, and I don’t necessarily doubt that the Spyder Traverse Mitten will hold up. But it does feel quite soft and a lot less durable than others we’ve tested. That’s not to say that it won’t hold up over time, but it definitely doesn’t feel as bomber as other technical gloves or mittens.

Other Features: The Spyder Traverse Mitten has a webbing closure system at the wrist that cinches down tightly across the cuff. I’m not the biggest fan of these systems as they tend to be a little hard to use with one hand. Also, every time you take off your glove, you have to readjust the strap. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is an area I feel that Velcro has a huge advantage. They are not the most dexterous mittens we’ve tried, but we could still buckle our boots without too much trouble.

Overall, the O Spyder Traverse Mitten is a good option for resort skiers that want a very warm and highly waterproof mitten for everyday riding. They are not super technical, nor do they feel extra durable, but they are a solid glove that could easily become your go-to when the temps drop quickly.

Size Worn: M
What I look for in a glove: My hands run cold, so I like a warm glove or mitten. Also as a person who spends a lot of time in contact with the snow, I like gloves that are very waterproof and don’t soak through. Having liners is a nice benefit because they add warmth, and are easier to dry out a glove if it does get wet.

List Price US $65
Spyder Traverse Mitten Accessory Review

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