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Sportube Series 3 Review

Overview:  Hard sided cases are going to give you the best protection for your skis weather traveling by plane, train, or automobile. The Sportube Series 3 is the best option for those traveling with multiple skis and want to help get them to your destination without damage.

Capacity: The Sportube Series 3 is the largest of the hard sided cases. It was originally built to hold two snowboards, but has evolved into the most versatile case of the bunch. At 368mm wide, and 200mm deep we found we could easily fit three pairs of skis and poles inside the Series 3. We could also see easily fitting one snowboard and one pair of skis, making it perfect for families with one of each. They still fit tip to tail with bindings facing each other (skis), and it’s best to use the supplied straps and brake retainers. The only downside to the Series 3 is that it is only adjustable to a length of 183m, so those of us with longer skis won’t be able to fit them in.

Features: The Series 3 main goal is protection, and has the features needed to give you Peace of mind. It has a high density Polyethylene plastic that is durable, strong, and light. In addition the Series 3 is padded on both the ends. The inside lacks the same Velcro straps as the Series 2, but it does come with a strap and band pack to help keep gear organized inside the tube. Just like the Series 1 and 2, the Series 3 has two large plastic handles on the outside. The handles work perfectly fine, but with three pairs of skis the Series 3 can be heavy and awkward to carry. Sportube places two wheels on the bottom of one end, and an easy pull handle on the other. This allows you to wheel the case around rather than carry it, and makes it much easier to get through airports or parking lots. The Series 3 is also lockable for added security.

Bottom Line: The Sportube Series 3 is the largest and most versatile case Sportube offers. Originally designed two hold tow snowboards, it’s plenty large enough to hold three pairs of skis and poles. The downside is that it’s only 183cm long, and won’t fit longer skis. Still, the Series 3 would be great for families with multiple skis, and may be the best option for protecting all of your skis when traveling.

List Price US $229
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