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The Sportube Overheader Padded Gear and Boot Bag is a fantastic travel backpack for skiers. The Overheader is designed to carry your boots, helmet, and clothing needed for a quick trip to a resort all the way across the country, or as close as your backyard.

Sportube Overheader Padded Gear and Boot Bag


Tester: Matt

Overview: The Sportube Overheader is a great boot pack for traveling. It is designed to meet airline carry-on requirements, while still being large enough to carry your gear for that trip across the country. At 48L the bag is large enough to carry your boots, helmet, clothing, and outerwear. At first glance it’s easy to tell that Sportube understands what skiers want while traveling. The outside of the bag is constructed of a heavy 840D fabric that feels like it’s going to hold up to some abuse. If that wasn’t enough, Sportube places strategic padding inside the bag to reduce the chance of damaging your gear during travel. To save room, the helmet sits on the outside of the bag, and is attached via a removable strap. Unfortunately the bag probably won’t fit in the overhead compartment of a plane like this, but Sportube designed the helmet strap so that it can be removed and stored in the bag. Continuing on the outside, you’ll notice several pockets. The first sits under the helmet, and is the perfect place to put the removable helmet strap. Above that, you’ll notice a larger horizontal pocket that is big enough to fit a tablet or small laptop computer. This pocket is padded, and has a fleece liner to help protect your gadgets from damage. The only downside is that this pocket won’t fit anything bigger than a Chromebook type laptop, but when dealing with overhead compartments, size is a concern. On the top of the bag is another pocket. This was designed to be a quick stash pocket for easy access to gear. It’s not a big pocket, but perfect for keys, change, wallet, or any other items you may have in your pockets while going through security. On the wearers right side of the bag is a mesh pocket for a water bottle, while the left side has two smaller gear pockets. These could be the perfect pockets for small personal items or for something like a camera or go-pro. On the back-side of the bag are the backpack straps. These are pretty standard, but I did find the bag to be relatively comfortable for a big, bulky, ski boot bag. Finally, is the “Hitchin” loop that allows you to attach your Sportube Overheader boot bag to a Sportube Ski bag.

On the inside of the bag you’ll find plenty of room for boots and clothing for a few days. The backpack opens in the center with a large, easy to use zipper. In the back half you’ll see the boot compartment. This space is large enough to fit size 31 boots (if oriented correctly). The back side of this compartment is padded, again to help aid in reducing damage that might occur during travel. On the other side of the bag is another compartment for outerwear and clothing. For a person that packs light, you could probably fit a couple days’ worth of clothes as well as your ski jacket and pants. I found that I would probably throw my outerwear in my ski bag, and be able to fit a weeks-worth of clothes in the Sportube Overheader. In the center of both compartments is a zip in/out separator that will help keep your boots from getting your clothes dirty.

Bottom Line: The Sportube Overheader is a well thought out boot bag for those who travel. Sure it’s size is limited by the overhead compartment regulations, but it utilizes the space well. For the right packer, it has enough room for your boots, helmet, and clothing for a week-long trip. It has a rugged feel that will hold up well over time, and padding to help protect your gear for just as long.

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Sportube Overheader Boot Bag Review

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