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The Sportube Freerider Padded Gear and Boot Bag is a great bag for skiers that need a little extra room for all of their gear. This won’t be the best bag for airline travel, unless you’re willing to check it. However, the Sportube Freerider is a good bag for hauling all of your boots and other gear to and from the resort. It’s also a great place to store the gear you’re not using, as you head to the lift for your first run of the day.

Sportube Freerider Padded Boot Bag Review

Tester: Matt

Overview: The Sportube Freerider is a good boot bag for those of us that bring a lot of gear with us to the resort. Whether you’re traveling across the country, or just to your local resort, the Freerider can handle everything except for your skis and poles. At 70 Liters it’s actually quite a bit larger than the Overheader or Cabin Crusier, but it’s also not designed as carry-on luggage. Traveling with the Freerider would mean checking your bag. Luckily you can use it as a duffel bag or as a backpack, making it easier to carry through the airport if you’re traveling by plane.

Of course the overall capacity of the bag is important, but so is knowing that my gear is protected and that the bag is going to hold up over years of use. Luckily the Sportube Freerider has an 840D polyester fabric that gives it a tough and durable feel that will hold up to abuse pretty well. If that wasn’t enough, all seems are double stitched to make sure it holds up for a long time. Sportube then adds padding to the sides and back of the bag to ensure that my gear inside stays protected from damage. Sure it’s not a bomb proof container, but it does have enough padding to make me feel comfortable when I hear it rolling around the back end of my SUV. The bag is also covered in a polyurethane coating to help keep everything inside dry. The bottom of the bag is also lined a tarpaulin to keep snow from soaking through when you set your bag down. If you do get snow inside, the bag has vents for the moisture to escape, and you won’t end up with moldy equipment if you forget it overnight.

But enough about the material, how does the bag work? On both sides of the bag you’ll find a single boot compartment. Each will fit up to a size 34 boot, but even with smaller boots inside they felt nice and secure. In between the boots you’ll find the main compartment of the bag. Here there is enough room for my outerwear, change of clothes, helmet, goggles, snacks, and whatever else I might need to bring with me to the mountain. I love how much I can fit inside this bag. I will say that the only downside for me is that it’s not easy to organize things inside. All of the gear just gets thrown in and moves freely about. This isn’t a big deal necessarily, but I do like to keep my gear organized.  The top of the bag does have a small mesh stow pocket for smaller items.

Bottom Line: The Sportube Freerider is the bag for those who need to carry a lot of gear with them to the mountain. It has two padded boot compartments as well as a large internal compartment that could fit your outerwear, change of clothes, helmet, goggles, shoes, and whatever else you might need on the mountain.

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Sportube Freerider Boot Bag Review

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