Smith Skullcandy Wired Single-Shot 2016 - 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Smith Skullcandy Wired Single-shot audio kit is a simple and easy to use alternative to headphones. The Single-Shot is wired into a small control that can be used to change songs or adjust volume. It’s a pretty simple and easy to use design, but does leave a bit to be desired. The control panel isn’t exactly waterproof, so I have to leave it in my jacket on snowy days. When I need to change songs or Volume I need to reach into the jacket and do so. It’s not a big deal, but I could just reach in and grab my phone to do the same thing. The other downside is that the wire definitely gets in the way. As far as wired audio kits go, it’s not bad, it just doesn’t hold up to new wireless Bluetooth kits. The plus side of the single-shot is that it’s compatible with the Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth audio kit. This is essentially a wireless upgrade for the single-shot. The Bluetooth kit attaches to the outside of your helmets earpiece and plugs directly into the speakers inside. It connects easily to my Bluetooth enables phone, and once connected I can control everything from the Bluetooth panel. It certainly makes changing songs or volume simple. The other bonus is that I can now answer phone calls as well. The Bluetooth kit is water resistant, but I’m still a little nervous about it being on the outside of the ear pieces. The other downside is that it’s not the easiest to attach to the earpiece, and I worry that it will come off if I hit that part of the helmet on the snow. Still it does make it easy to control everything I need to. Charging it is pretty simple, as the connection is the same as my phone charger. The battery lasts me all day, but I do recharge it every night. The audio quality is really good, and definitely on par with some of the better audio chips out there. If you already own the Smith Skullcandy Wired Single-shot, or other similar wired kit, this is a great upgrade. If you’re just getting a new audio kit, it’s probably best to start wireless from the get-go.

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Smith Skullcandy Wired Single-Shot Accessory Review

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