Smith Scope 2016 Review by A Better Ski

The Smith Scope is another entry level goggle from Smith that is actually worth taking a look at if you’re on a budget.  It has a more traditional cylindrical lens shape, but it still has decent smith optics and a variety of lens choices for a variety of conditions.

Optics: The Smith Scope comes in a variety of different lens options for a variety of different conditions.  Lens clarity and vision are of typical Smith quality. I wouldn’t put it on the same level as the I/O, but for a budget friendly entry level goggle you could do a lot worse. They don’t have “interchangeable” lenses (replacement), so you better find the best for the conditions that you ski in the most.

Fit: The Smith Scope fits pretty well, and is relatively comfortable. They have a medium fit, so they will be a bit tighter on larger faces. The cylindrical shape also restricts the view slightly, but I really didn’t find it that bad. I actually prefer the cylindrical shape on the Smith Squad goggles over the spherical shape of the I/O.

Ventilation: The Anti-fog inner lens is good, but not great. It’s the same anti-fog on the Squad (which we found good), but the Scope has a dual lens that seems to hurt ventilation a bit. I wouldn’t expect much more out of a budget goggle. You’d be good to go on most days, but if it’s really wet or warm you may have issues. Also once you get snow on/in the goggle it won’t clear up very quickly. Still I didn’t find it all that bad for a budget goggle, and if you have a well ventilated helmet, it will help alleviate some of the issues with goggle fog.

Final Thoughts: The Smith Scope is a good budget goggle. Personally I’d spend the little extra for the Smith Squad, which has interchangeable lenses and slightly better ventilation (carbonic lens vs. dual), but the Scope isn’t bad. It does have some cool color options, and if you always ski in the same conditions (low light, night skiing, etc.) you’d have no need to change out lenses. If you’re on a budget, it’s worth checking out the Smith Scope.

List Price US $65
Smith Scope Ski Accessory Review

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