Smith Outdoor Tech Wireless Chips 2016 - 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Smith Outdoor Tech Wireless Chips are great for those who want Bluetooth audio for their helmet.

The Smith Outdoor Tech Wireless Chips are one of the better audio headsets I have found for skiing. Although these were made specifically with Smith for their helmets, I have found that they work just fine with other helmets as well. I love that this is Bluetooth compatible as it gets rid of the need for all those extra cords. Connecting to my Bluetooth device was simple and easy to understand. Once you pair it with your device the first time, it will automatically reconnect the next time you’re out. So you don’t have to mess around trying to remember how you connected it. The audio quality is pretty good, and once you figure out the controls it’s easy to navigate volume, changing songs, and answering calls. I will say that it took a bit of time to remember if it was one click to change songs, or to answer the phone, or to change the volume, but it’s actually pretty simple and easy to remember with enough use. I really like the rugged design and they feel pretty substantial for sensitive electronics. They are water and sweat resistant, so I didn’t feel too bad when getting a bit of snow on them on powder days. Still you probably don’t want to expose them to moisture for very long, so make sure you dry them out after the days is done. I have the worst luck with electronics, and yet I haven’t destroyed these yet. I also really like the flat cord that connects the two chips. I know this is a minor detail, but again it seems more durable than your typical headphone cords. The chips themselves are a bit on the larger side, although much smaller than some of the past chips. Still they do take a bit of work to get into my helmet ear pads. Once in they don’t seem too bulky though. It sure is better than using the Smith Bluetooth adapter for the Skullcandy single shot we also have. My one complaint with these is the AUX to USB charging port. It works perfectly fine, and I have no issues with the port itself, but this is the only charger I have for any electronic with this type of port. I’d love to see a port that is compatible with all the chargers I have laying around my house from old phones, action cams, cameras, etc… This really isn’t a deal breaker, just a preference thing really. I hate having to take several different chargers with me anytime I’m on a road trip. I almost always forget one, so having this be compatible with my phone charger would be perfect. Once charged the battery life is pretty good. I can go all day with no problems. I could possibly even make two days, but I almost never push it that far. Just charge it in-between days and you’ll be good to go every time. Overall, the Smith Outdoor Tech Wireless Chips are a very solid choice for those seeking wireless audio for your helmet. They are simple, rugged, and once you figure out the buttons, they are really easy to use.

List Price US $129
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