Smith Holt 2016 - 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Smith Holt was the first helmet I ever bought for skiing. I have since replaced it with the Smith Vantage as my everyday helmet, but I still like to Holt as a budget option. Best of all, it was designed to be used as both a ski helmet, and a bike helmet. It does have a bit of a big profile to it, but I so like that it is a versatile helmet.

Ventilation and Warmth: The Smith Holt has 14 vents and Airflow Climate Control. I feel like the Holt does a decent job with ventilation, but it can get a bit warm. On the plus side, it has a convertible option, and if you find it a bit warm with the winter insert, you can easily switch it over to summer inserts and it will keep you from overheating. It may not be optimal to always switch between winter and summer pads, but at least you have the option. I found that 75% of the time I wore the Holt for skiing, I actually used it with the summer pads. I really run warm, and I’d much rather be a bit cool than way too hot.

Fit: The Smith Holt fits well, but has a pretty large profile. I always felt like I resembled a WWII fighter pilot with the helmet on. The ear pieces are a bit large, and they tend to stick out a bit. This isn’t necessarily a huge issue, and it may look good on others. I just found it wasn’t very flattering for me and my head shape. On the plus side, the helmet does work pretty well with my goggles. Even though it feels a bit big, the Smith Holt never felt loose or wobbly. I switched over to the Smith Vantage because I really like the low profile look.

Final Thoughts: The helmet isn’t heavy, but it doesn’t feel very light weight either.  Again the Smith Vantage feels much better here. I also found the Vantage to be much more ventilating, and it keeps my head at a good temperature. The Google lock on the Smith Holt is decent, and I actually prefer the “clip” style more so than the elastic strap style of the Vantage. While I do like that the ear pieces are removable, they tend to fall off sometimes when I don’t want them to. Maybe I’m just bad at snapping them in, but it’s worth noting. Overall, the Smith Holt is a good helmet at a budget friendly price. I’m not entirely sure it’s worth buying it just because it can be used skiing and biking, but I do like the idea of a convertible helmet, especially since I run warm. On the other hand, it may just be worth buying a better ventilating helmet for skiing, and buying a separate helmet for biking. Still this helmet is worth a look if you don’t want to pay top of the line prices. Although it’s not super showy or flashy, it will protect your head just the same.

List Price US $80
Smith Holt Ski Accessory Review

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