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Rocky Mountain Underground Dry Pak 30 2017 - 2016 Review by A Better Ski

Yes, we know that the Rocky Mountain Underground Dry Pak 30 isn’t a ski specific pack, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not awesome. I love using it to bring my gear to and from the mountain. With 30 Liters of room, the pack is big enough to fit my jacket, mid-layer, base layer, snow pants, goggles, gloves, and just about anything else I need to bring to the mountain for a day on the slopes. It really just helps me keep everything organized, and if I stuff everything in there before I leave my place, I know I won’t forget or misplace any of my gear along the way. At the mountain, the RMU Dry Pak 30 is a bit too big and bulky to use on the lifts. You could certainly try it out, but there are plenty more low profile packs that would be more comfortable. But of course that’s not what this pack is designed for. RMU realizes that most of our mountain adventures don’t stop when the snow melts. For many of us, the rafts, bikes, hiking boots, and camping gear comes out of the closet when the snow melts, and we head to the hills for more adventures. The RMU Dry Pak 30 is great for days on the river, or when stand-up paddle boarding lakes and reservoirs. I’ll also definitely be bringing this pack anytime I’m fishing on the river. Making sure everything stays dry is a priority for me, and that’s one thing that the Dry Pak 30 does really well. The pack could also work well on hiking trips, and would work just as well for days on the bike. I have used mine extensively this mud season, and find that it works really well for keeping everything dry and mud free. Best of all, it’s quite easy to clean with water. If I have any complaints about the RMU Dry Pak 30 it’s that if you have to constantly go in and out of the bag it can get a bit annoying to roll the top. I also find that not having a way to organize my gear in the main compartment means that I’m constantly digging around trying to find my smaller items. Still, I love the design of the pack, and both complaints above are pretty minor. Bottom line, of course we know the RMU Dry Pak 30 isn’t necessarily meant for the slopes, but we found this pack works well for just about any adventure to the mountains. You can use it to haul your snow gear to mountain, or if you don’t mind a big pack for the lift, bring it with you to the resort. Better yet, take it with you for rafting or fishing trips once the snow melts, and don’t hesitate to take it along for hiking or biking days. I love that RMU is getting into packs, and love that they realize that our mountain adventures don’t stop when the snow melts. That being said, I’m definitely looking forward to the day RMU makes a ski specific pack for the resort and even more so for the backcountry. After all, skiing is what we do and love most. Until then, don’t hesitate to grab the Rocky Mountain Underground Dry Pak 30, and get out there and find your adventure.

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Rocky Mountain Underground Dry Pak 30 Ski Bag Review

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