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The Outdoor Research Ridgeline glove is built for warmth and comfort. It has 133g of Enduraloft insulation in the palm and 333g on the back of the hand. This is some pretty serious insulation for a glove and about as warm as it gets without being a mitten. I know a lot of friends that have cold hands all the time. Up until now most of them have owned mittens for the extra warmth, but if you’re like me you want the dexterity a glove offers. The Outdoor Research Ridgeline offers a lot of warmth, but in a glove. The 333g of insulation on the back of the hand not only provides warmth, but also some protection against tree branches or hard snow. All of that insulation also makes the glove feel quite comfortable. Sure it makes it a bit more snug, but who doesn’t like their hands wrapped up in a warm soft glove. The Outdoor Research Ridgeline shell is made with a Gore-Tex liner to ensure that your hands also stay dry. Gore-Tex is also pretty breathable, but with all that insulation I wouldn’t call these gloves breathable. Then again, if you’re using these gloves, chances are your hands run cold, and sweat is the least of your concerns. The Outdoor Research Ridgeline gloves are meant to be worn over your jacket cuff, and can be cinched down tight to make sure snow stays out. If you’d rather wear your gloves on the inside of your jacket you can, but it’s a bit bulky. The Outdoor Research Ridgeline does have a wrist strap to keep you from losing your gloves (as long as you use it). The goat leather palm is also a nice touch, and so far proven to be quite durable. I’m not sure they would hold up the best if you’re always using a rope tow, but for everyday use I’ve found them to hold up well. The fit is pretty true to size, but the extra insulation does make it feel a bit more snug. I found it harder to make a fist with the Ridgeline than the Arete, but it wasn’t necessarily a much tighter fit. Overall, I’d recommend the Outdoor Research Ridgeline for those skiers whose hands run a bit colder, but you want the dexterity of a glove over a mitten. They are also quite comfortable, and offer a lot of padding on the back on the hand.

Size: L

What I look for in a glove: My hands run really warm, so I like a glove that isn’t too hot! I really love gloves that have removable liners so I can use them together on really cold days, or use just the shell, or just the liner. I also really like to have dexterity when skiing. I don’t necessarily need a glove that allows me to use my phone, or other small electronics, but I definitely want to be able to buckle my boots, zip my jacket, etc…

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Outdoor Research Ridgeline Ski Glove Review

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