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The Outdoor Research Centurion women’s glove is a great option for both resort and backcountry skiers. It’s built with skiers in mind, and has a very functional design with all the features you’ll want in a technical glove.

Warmth: The Outdoor Research Centurion has a moderate amount of EnduraLoft synthetic insulation to keep your hands warm in mild temperatures. This mid-weight glove is great for those cold backcountry days where you’ll be working hard to earn your turns. Although warm, it probably wouldn’t be a great option for really cold resort days when your body isn’t generating a lot of heat.

Waterproofing: The Outdoor Research Centurion has a highly waterproof Gore-Tex insert that works well to keep your hands dry in all kinds of weather. In our past experiences Gore-Tex has been one of the best waterproof fabrics and even though some new materials rival it, there are not many that can beat it for keeping water out.

Breathability: Despite being pretty warm, the Outdoor Research Centurion is actually decently breathable. It would make a decent backcountry glove, or be really good on days when you’re doing a lot of hike-to skiing. Of course, no matter how breathable an insulated glove is, they always tend to be a bit warm, and best for colder days. So bottom line is even though the Centurion is breathable, it probably wouldn’t be a great backcountry or resort glove on warmer days.

Fit: The Outdoor Research Centurion feels pretty true to size. It’s lined with a very comfortable fleece layer that also feels really comfortable.

Durability: Here at A Better Ski, we really like the quality you get when buying Outdoor Research, and the Outdoor Research Centurion is no different. Although the Centurion may not be as durable as a full leather “work” glove, it’s made with a very durable nylon shell and strong AlpenGrip LT palm. We would see no reason the Centurion couldn’t hold up to several seasons of abuse.

Other Features: The Outdoor Research Centurion is designed to go under your jacket cuff instead of over. Although were big fans of gauntlet style cuffs for keeping snow out, when paired with the right jacket the Outdoor Research Centurion can be just as effective. Plus it also looks a little bit nicer with the gloves tucked under, rather than on top of the jacket cuff. This design also feels a bit more streamlined, and clean. The wrist does cinch down pretty tight, and does a great job keeping cold and snow out. The glove is easy to get on and off, but I wish there was a leash to keep me from losing the gloves. The AlpenGrip LT palm feels durable and allows for decent dexterity. They do feel relatively low profile, so zippering our jacket or buckling our boots was relatively easy.

Overall, the Outdoor Research Centurion is a solid glove for resort or backcountry skiers. It has a clean, streamlined design, but comes with all the features you’ll need on the slopes. They aren’t super warm, but they are highly waterproof, comfortable, and pretty easy to use with zippers and buckles.

Size Worn: M
What I look for in a glove: My hands run cold, so I like a warm glove or mitten. Also as a person who spends a lot of time in contact with the snow, I like gloves that are very waterproof and don’t soak through. Having liners is a nice benefit because they add warmth, and are easier to dry out a glove if it does get wet.

List Price US $69
Outdoor Research Centurion Glove Review

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