Outdoor Research Arete 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Outdoor Research Arete glove is my favorite all-around glove for any day on the mountain. It just works perfect for me. The Outdoor Research Arete is a 3-in-1 with a removable liner. Together the glove is warm enough for just about any day on the mountain. The inside liners also have a pocket for hand warmers for the really cold days, but I have never used them. Take the liners out and you’re still left with a lightly insulated Gore-Tex shell. I use the Outdoor Research Arete without the liners for probably 75% of the season. I find the shell is warm enough for almost any day I ski, and without the liners they are slightly more breathable. I also like that they are slightly more dexterous without the liners. For the warm spring days, I often use just the liners, but they aren’t waterproof, so it’s not great if it’s really wet. The Outdoor Research Arete does come with wrist straps so you don’t lose them when you remove your gloves on the lift. Just be sure that you secure the straps. I don’t know how many times I thought they were on and I dropped my gloves off the lift. They have pretty wide cuffs that are meant to go over your jacket. They can cinch down pretty tight if you want, and I never had any issues with getting snow in my gloves or arm cuffs. The fit seems pretty true to size, and quite comfortable. I did find that it’s slightly snug when the liners are in, but any heavily insulated glove seems even less roomy to me. Overall this is really a fantastic glove. If you’re hands are constantly cold, then you’ll probably want a bit more insulation. But for anyone who runs even slightly warm, you’ll appreciate the ability to moderate heat with multiple layers. The Outdoor Research Arete is durable, comfortable, warm, breathable, and versatile.

Size: L

What I look for in a glove: My hands run really warm, so I like a glove that isn’t too hot! I really love gloves that have removable liners so I can use them together on really cold days, or use just the shell, or just the liner. I also really like to have dexterity when skiing. I don’t necessarily need a glove that allows me to use my phone, or other small electronics, but I definitely want to be able to buckle my boots, zip my jacket, etc…

List Price US $89
Outdoor Research Arete Ski Glove Review

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