Oakley A Frame 2.0 2016 Review by A Better Ski

The Oakley A Frame 2.0 is a great goggle for small to medium faces. It has a great fit, and quality optics with interchangeable lenses. This is a good option for those who find most goggles too big, and it’s not terribly priced.

Optics: The Oakley A Frame 2.0 has decent looking optics, but personally I’m a bigger Smith fan.  The Oakley lenses seem to have really clear vision, but I feel like some of the Smith goggles just pop a little bit more. They seem a bit more vibrant. However, the Oakley goggles seem a bit more natural. Really this is just a preference thing for me, and the Oakley lenses are definitely still top of the line. If you find you prefer the clarity of the Oakley lenses vs. Smith, you won’t be disappointed.

Fit: The Oakley A Frame 2.0 is for smaller faces. I found that it impeded my view a little, but I do have a larger face. The nose just seems to come really high on the face, and I found that when I look down it partially blocked my view (not my nose, but the nose piece). This probably wouldn’t be an issue for those with smaller faces, but thought it was worth noting. Despite being slightly small for my face, I found the Oakley A Frame 2.0 to wrap my face really well. The frame and strap design helps the goggle wrap around your face instead of squishing the goggle tighter to your face. In other words, the goggle stays in place and comfortable, and it doesn’t feel like they are flattened to your face.

Ventilation: The Oakley A Frame 2.0 has two large vents on the bottom and top of the goggle. It looks a bit odd, but they seem to ventilate pretty well. The lenses have a F3 Anti-fog coating, and for the most part, the goggles do a decent job not fogging up. I found them to be on par with the Smith Squads, and almost as good as the I/O.

Final Thoughts: The Oakley A Frame 2.0 has been around for a while, and that’s because they work well. They are comfortable (more so for a small face), and wrap around the face pretty well. The view is clear and natural and the lens quality is very good. They do have interchangeable lenses and Oakley has enough options for most lighting conditions. These are a great goggle, but they do come at a higher price.

List Price US $140
Oakley A Frame 2.0 Ski Accessory Review

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