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The Mountain Hardwear Typhon is described as a tough and versatile glove for all kinds of winter activities. I have heard mixed feelings from several friends and was excited to try them out myself. In the end, I too have mixed feelings about the glove, but it’s mostly positive overall.

Warmth: My hands generally run really warm, so I don’t need a super insulated glove. For me, the Mountain Hardwear Typhon is just about the perfect weight. The weather is generally fairly mild from March on in Colorado, and the heavily insulated gloves you might need in January, are way too heavy for most days in the latter part of the season. I could easily see using the Mountain Hardwear Typhon for the majority of the season. Even on really cold days I’d find the Mountain Hardwear Typhon warm enough as long as I’m working hard to earn my turns. Those folks whose hands run cold, will probably find them a bit too thin for cold days. Likewise for those who only spend time riding up and down the lift, and never generate a whole lot of heat. Bottom line is that if you’re moving around a lot, the Mountain Hardwear Typhon will probably be good enough for most days, and if you’re a little more inactive they probably won’t be great for really cold days. The nice thing is that the liner is removable and you can change it out for a warmer liner if you need to.

Waterproofing: The Mountain Hardwear Typhon is good in wet weather. It has a tough OutDry membrane that is bonded directly to the shell. This keeps water from sitting between the inside of the shell, and outside of the waterproof liner. We’ve all been there before. The glove soaks up water, but your hands stay dry. This makes them heavy and wet, and not the most comfortable. Mountain Hardwear has tried to remedy this with OutDry, and I can say that for the most part it does a decent job. I haven’t had the chance to test OutDry in really wet conditions, but it has held up well on really on snowy spring days. The only area I could see failing would be the leather palms. Leather tends to be water-resistant, but can soak up water over extended periods of wet weather. I’m not sure how it will compare to Gore-Tex in extremely wet conditions, but I can so that so far, I have always stayed dry when using OutDry products.

Breathability: The Mountain Hardwear Typhon is described as a versatile glove, and this is partly due to it remaining breathable when you’re working hard to earn your turns. On colder days (with the liners in), the Mountain Hardwear Typhon does a great job managing moisture. When things do finally start to warm up, you can remove the liner, and use the shell. Overall I’d say the Mountain Hardwear Typhon is one of the better options for backcountry skiers and warmer days on the mountain.

Fit: I found the Mountain Hardwear Typhon to be a little on the small side. If you’re planning on exchanging the liners out for ones that are more insulated (and potentially thicker), you’ll definitely want to size up. I could still fit into the large, but it was a bit more snug than any of the OR and Marmot gloves I’ve used.

Durability: This is where I’m a little torn about the Mountain Hardwear Typhon. When you first grab the glove they look and feel very rugged. I love the mix of leather and nylon, and everything about them seems to suggest they would last a long time. But I have had friends who say otherwise. I’ve seen gloves that have blown out the leather after a season. I haven’t been able to test out the long term durability of the Mountain Hardwear Typhon myself, but I’d be very interested to see how they hold up. I think if you only used them for backcountry or resort ski days, they probably hold up really well. I think a big part of it also comes down to how often you use them on really wet and really cold days. As the leather gets wet, it tends to soften a bit, making it a bit more susceptible to wear and tear. Likewise cold weather tends to stiffen them up, putting a bit more stress on the seams. Either way MH has a good warranty program and decent customer service. If the gloves fail, send them back for a new pair on MH.

Other Features: What I like most about the Mountain Hardwear Typhon is the dexterity you get with this glove. It’s easy to use zippers, buckle boots, open snacks, etc…It also has a precurve pattern that feels natural and comfortable. The nylon shell stretches and conforms well to your hand. The removable liner is great. If and when they ever get wet, it’s easy to remove the liner and dry them quickly. I also love the gauntlet style cuff with the rugged mix of nylon and leather. The wrist leashes work well, and the wrist cinches down to keep out cold and snow. These are a pretty technical glove that have all the features you’ll want for backcountry or resort days.

I feel the Mountain Hardwear Typhon could become one of my favorite gloves over time, but the question of durability is what keeps it off of our favorites list. It reminds me a lot of the Marmot Exum Guide, but seems to be slightly better at keeping the elements out. I really dig the design, and although it runs slightly small, it feels really comfortable once you find one that fits. I could easily see using this as an everyday glove for me, and definitely one that works great for backcountry days, or on any mild resort day.

Size Worn: L (Hand Circumference: 8.5 Inches, Hand Length: 7.5 Inches)
What I look for in a glove: My hands run really warm, so I like a glove that isn’t too hot! I really love gloves that have removable liners so I can use them together on really cold days, or use just the shell, or just the liner. I also really like to have dexterity when skiing. I don’t necessarily need a glove that allows me to use my phone, or other small electronics, but I definitely want to be able to buckle my boots, zip my jacket, etc…

List Price US $155
Mountain Hardwear Typhon Glove Review

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