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The Mountain Goat Ski Tote is a light-weight ski carrier that is great for those short hikes in-bounds or in sidecountry terrain. If you’re like me, you don’t always like to carry a backpack with you at the resort. However, many resorts offer fantastic hike-to terrain. If you don’t have a backpack to strap the skis to, you’ll have to carry your skis, which isn’t always the easiest or most enjoyable. That is where the Mountain Goat Ski Tote comes in handy. It’s light-weight, small, and is pretty simple to use. Once you learn how to strap everything down you can have everything ready to go in under a minute. As long as you get the straps positioned correctly the skis sit nice and balanced. The only downside is that they sit in the middle of your back, and can be a bit uncomfortable if you don’t have a thick jacket or many layers underneath. Bottom line is if you need a light weight way to carry your skis for in-bounds hike-to terrain, or side-country excursions, the Mountain Goat Ski Tote could be a great option. You can check out more info on the Mountain Goat Ski Tote here:

Mountain Goat Ski Tote

List Price US $21
Mountain Goat Ski Tote Ski Accessory Review

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