Marmot Randonnee 2015 Review by A Better Ski

The Marmot Randonnee glove reminds us a lot of the Outdoor Research Southback. Both are warm, waterproof, and relatively rugged gloves that are great for the resort skier.

Warmth: I would consider the Marmot Randonnee to be a moderately warm glove that for most skiers would probably be ok in about 15-20 degrees. Those of us that run a bit warmer may find them okay in temps lower than that, but once you start reaching zero degrees or below, I’d probably be reaching for a bit heavier insulation. This is even more true for skiers that don’t exert a lot of energy (or generate a lot of warmth) while on the slopes. Those whose hands run cold, probably won’t find these great in temps below 20 degrees.

Waterproofing: The Marmot Randonnee have solid waterproofing with a Marmot MemBrain and Gore-Tex insert, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use these in some pretty wet conditions.

Breathability: The Marmot Randonnee doesn’t offer great breathability, but for the average resort skier you won’t need much more than the Marmot Randonnee offers. On cold days the Marmot Randonnee would be fine for moderately strenuous hike-to terrain, but on warm days or strenuous hikes, I’d probably leave the Marmot Randonnee in my pack.

Fit: I found the fit to be true to size. If they run slightly large on you, the drawcord, and webbing do a great job of cinching things down.

Durability: I’ve become a pretty big fan of nylon backs, and leather palms on gloves. I find that they still tend to be dexterous, and rugged, but offer better waterproofing than full leather gloves. The leather palms of the Marmot Randonnee feel durable and able to withstand everyday abuse. The nylon backer feels a bit softer, but in my experience often tend to hold up fine for everyday resort skiers. Those who tend to put their gloves through a lot of abuse (mountaineers) may find these good, but not great for everyday use.

Other Features: The Marmot Randonnee have a gauntlet style cuff, one hand drawcord, and decent wrist leashes.

I’m actually a really big fan of the Marmot Randonnee for a resort glove. They are moderately warm and able to handle all but the extreme cold. They also have great waterproofing, and decent durability and ruggedness. The fit is good, and the fingers allow for decent dexterity. Overall, they are a very solid resort glove, and one that could easily be an everyday glove in moderately cold climates. Backcountry skiers will also find them to be pretty useful on colder days when breathability isn’t a huge factor.

Size Worn: L (Hand Circumference: 8.5 Inches, Hand Length: 7.5 Inches)
What I look for in a glove: My hands run really warm, so I like a glove that isn’t too hot! I really love gloves that have removable liners so I can use them together on really cold days, or use just the shell, or just the liner. I also really like to have dexterity when skiing. I don’t necessarily need a glove that allows me to use my phone, or other small electronics, but I definitely want to be able to buckle my boots, zip my jacket, etc…

List Price US $100
Marmot Randonnee Ski Glove Review

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