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The Giro Ledge is an all new helmet from Giro. It’s a classic freestyle design that’s built for the pipe and park. Although the hard shell design isn’t intended for repeat impacts, it is designed to withstand the abuse of impacts in the park. It’s a solid budget option for park riders.

Ventilation and Warmth: The Giro Ledge features Super Cool vents to help ventilate your head when working hard in the park. While the ventilation is decent, it’s not quite on the same level as a helmet like the Giro Nine. The Giro Ledge does have large stack vents though, allowing for better ventilation between your helmet and goggles. The Giro Ledge does not have adjustable temperature control. I didn’t find this a big issue, but if you run cold it’s definitely more beneficial to have the option to close your vents.

Fit: The Giro Ledge fits pretty well, and it’s relatively low profile. For those of you that like the skate look, the Ledge does look pretty nice. The Giro Ledge features an Auto Loc 2 fit system and vertical tuning. This allows you to adjust how the helmet sits on your head to ensure proper fit with your goggles. This system works pretty well, and can easily be adjusted without taking off your helmet.

Final Thoughts: The Giro Ledge can be purchased with or without Giro’s new MIPS technology. MIPS is a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System that is designed to reduce rotational forces in a fall. This may be a better option for park skiers where falling is inevitable. The shell is also compatible with all of Giro’s goggles, and seemed to fit fine with most other brands of goggles. The ear pieces are pretty low profile, and fit pretty well.

Overall, the Giro Ledge is a solid freestyle helmet. It’s not super flashy or showy, but could appeal to the budget conscious park skier. If money is not on option, the soft shell Giro Discord may be a better option. For those of you that don’t need or want the park look, it may be worth the extra $20 for a helmet like the Giro Nine that has a temperature control system, and better fit adjustment system.

List Price US $80
Giro Ledge Ski Accessory Review

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