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The Dakine Baker 16L Daypack has become my go-to pack at the resort. At 16L it’s not an overly big pack, but has the room I need for layers, gear, and snacks. Even when it’s loaded down with gear, the pack has a pretty small profile. This makes it really nice when I need to take a lift ride with my pack. I don’t bring it with me often, but it’s sometimes nice to have it for water, food, and layers on a day at the resort. At the same time, I love this for short in bounds hikes to steep terrain.  It has a ski carry system that works well for short hikes, and since I’m staying in-bounds I don’t need a lot of extra room for gear that I would otherwise need if I’m taking long trips into the backcountry. You could use this as your backcountry pack, but I found it hard to get all my necessary gear, layers, and snacks into the pack for longer trips. As long as you don’t need a lot of gear, this pack is certainly fine. So bottom line, if you want a pack for resort days, and/or hike-to terrain in-bounds, the Dakine Baker 16L is really solid.

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Dakine Baker Ski Accessory Review

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