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The Columbia Inferno Range glove is one of our favorites from Columbia. It has a lot of warm synthetic insulation and a decent amount of waterproof and breathable protection from the elements.

Warmth: The Columbia Inferno Range has 200g of Microtemp insulation on the back onf the hand and 100g on the palm, making these one of the warmer gloves we’ve tested. Sure you may be able to find mittens that are slightly warmer, but for a glove these are pretty impressive.

Waterproofing: The Columbia Inferno Range is made with OutDry waterproof material. I have not had a lot of experience with this myself, and haven’t been able to find a lot of information. The one thing I have found is that the material is bonded directly to the outer shell, leaving no room for water to enter the glove. This ensures that there are no leaky seems. In my experience with Columbia in the past, I would say that most of their gloves and outerwear have been okay, but not great in wet weather. However, most of the outerwear is made with OmniTech and not OutDry. OutDry is found mostly in their shoes and higher end gloves, suggesting that it is probably slightly better than OmniTech. I would have a hard time saying these would be GREAT in wet weather until I’m proved wrong, but they probably offer solid waterproofing for most weather conditions.

Breathability: These gloves are warm, and not extremely breathable. I wouldn’t say they are not breathable, but they definitely not be you’re go to for high intensity activities unless it’s extremely cold.

Fit: The Columbia Inferno Range fit pretty true to size, and are quite comfortable with a fleece liner.

Durability: We haven’t had a chance to test out the Columbia Inferno Range for long term, but in our past experience with Columbia gloves I would say they are moderately durable. These gloves are made with a nylon shell and polyester fleece liner. The seams look like they are bonded together well, but I have not had the best experience with nylon shells in the past. I wish I could say more about these specifically, but without testing them for more than a few days it’s hard to say how well they will hold up.

Other Features: The Columbia Inferno Range are quite comfortable and offer all of the features I want in a glove. They have a decently long gauntlet style cuff with a solid webbed strap to cinch it all down. The wrist leash works well, but does feel a bit “flimsy” for lack of better term. I think as long as they don’t get pulled on with too much force they will hold up just fine. The glove comes with a nice pre-curve and feel pretty dexterous overall. They also come with touch screen compatible fingers, and a nose wipe on the finger.

The Columbia Inferno Range feels like a pretty decent glove and is definitely comfortable and warm. I can’t say ow well they will hold up over time, but they seem to be made with quality construction.  We haven’t been able to test them out in really wet weather, but would assume that they are good but not great on really wet days. If you’re looking for a moderately priced and seriously warm glove for resort days, the Columbia Inferno Range may not be a bad option.

Size Worn: M
What I look for in a glove: My hands run cold, so I like a warm glove or mitten. Also as a person who spends a lot of time in contact with the snow, I like gloves that are very waterproof and don’t soak through. Having liners is a nice benefit because they add warmth, and are easier to dry out a glove if it does get wet.

List Price US $85
Columbia Inferno Range Glove Review

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