Bolle Virtuose 2017 - 2016 Review by A Better Ski

Bolle Virtuose, Black Stroke, 2016-17 Review

Bolle’s Virtuose goggle comes loaded with excellent features, a high quality build, well thought out, and attractive design.  Their “1-click” lens change system is intuitive and makes changing lenses on slope a piece of cake.  Extra features include a lens carrier that should be a standard in the industry and a goggle bag. 

Bolle Virtuose Review

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Optics: The Bolle Virtuose goggle offers top of the line orbital lenses.  We tested the Virtuose Black Stroke which comes with 2 lenses: Green Emerald and Aurora.  The only complaint would be that both lenses are similar, low light cloudy day lenses, with the Aurora having a pleasant high contrast pink tint and the Green Emerald having a high-vis green-yellow tint.  I have a hard time in full sunlight with this type of lens and would have to supplement my purchase with a S3 (sunny day) type of lens.  The “Black and Grey Iceberg” edition does come with one S2 (Low light) and one S3 (sunny day) lens but lacks the color pop on the frame that makes the Black Stroke so attractive.  The lenses themselves are packed with features: an equalizer vent that allows moisture to escape from between the 2 lenses and prevents fogging that can end a ski day, orbital shape with less distortion then traditional cylindrical lenses, P80+ coating and carbo lens coating which reduces fogging and scratching.

Fit and Field of View: The Bolle Virtuose fits well for a medium-large face that has slightly more prominent features.  I found that the goggles did require a bit more strap pressure to form a tight seal around my face but 3 Layer foam and a well thought out nose piece did keep the goggle very comfortable.  A sticky rubberized strap kept the goggle in place, and had plenty of adjustment to fit around my size large POC, Smith Vantage and Black Diamond helmets.  Integration was fabulous no matter what helmet was on my head.  Field of view is on par with offerings from POC and Smith, and far edges of the lens aren’t noticeable in the peripheral.

Ventilation and Anti Fog:  The Bolle Virtuose has an impressive line-up to battle fogging.  Ventilation along the top, bottom and front of the lens keeps the air moving as you begin to heat up.  You will notice a small dot on the top right of the goggle, at first I thought it was a small orange sticker, in fact it is a small peice of material that allows air to excape from between the two lenses and keeps moisture out.  I for one have left my wet goggles in the car after a day of skiing, to come back and have a thick layer of fog between the two pieces of lens, which is nearly impossible to clear.  With Bolle’s “Flow Tech Venting” this may be a thing of the past.

Final Thoughts: The Bolle Virtuose is a high quality, top of the line offering that is jam packed with excellent features.  As a reviewer, I enjoyed that the entire product was well thought out, great packaging, attractive design, high quality glass, lens carrier, and great build.  We will be keeping an eye on the mechanical switch that releases the lens as these types of things are prone to failure.  If you are in the market for a high quality, high value goggle, check out the Bolle Virtuose.

Written by Chris

List Price US $170
Bolle Virtuose Ski Goggle Review

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