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Bolle Tsar, Matte Black and Grey, 2016-17 

Bolle’s new offering for 2016/17 is the Tsar, with it’s small frame and large orbital lens, it makes a great looking and functioning goggle.  It comes in quite a bit cheaper then its brother the Bolle Virtuose, but has many of the same features, including P80 fog protection, Flow Tech Venting, and high quality glass.  The only think that the Tsar is missing is the quick change lens system.

Bolle Tsar Review

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Optics: The Bolle Tsar features P80+ coated lenses and come stock with Bolle’s Flow Tech Venting (more on this below).  The sense quality is superb and features no noticeable distortion due to the orbital shape.  Our tested Black Chrome lens is an S3 (sunny day) lens that was perfect for our Utah bluebird ski days.  Although the Black Chrome lens looks black, its tint is closer to brown and nicely tones down highlights and glare.  This would not be a good lens for cloudy days or if you ski lots of tree runs. 

Fit and Field of View: Large field of view has become the norm for high end goggles and the Bolle Tsar is no exception, wrap around design and large surface area allow for little distraction.  New for 2016-17 Bolle is using “B-flex” which is claimed to be the “first universal fit”, while i can say that these goggles fit my wife and I both, I can’t say that they will fit every face as they do have an aggressive warp around design.  The Bolle Tsar integrated with POC, Smith and Black Diamond helmets well and self adjusting strap connections keep the goggles close to your face with larger profile helmets.  The rubberized strap keeps the goggle in place when things get rough and provides plenty of length for adjustment.

Ventilation and Anti Fog:  The Bolle Tsar has vents on the top, bottom and front of the lens, which keeps the air circulating thus preventing fogging as you begin to sweat.  The lenses have a proprietary “Flow Tech Venting” which is a small dot on the top right of the lens, it almost looks like a small orange sticker, don’t worry, it’s out of the way and you can’t see it while wearing the goggles.  This venting system is a small hole between the inner and outer lens and is covered by a material which allows moisture out, but not in.  If you have ever had fogging between your lenses then you know how frustrating it can be to get rid of it, hopefully this helps.

Final Thoughts: The Bolle Tsar is an awesome mid-upper range goggle that has high end lenses, great fit, and aesthetics.  The only thing that it’s lacking is an easy lens change system, if you like goggles that you can change out the lenses when the morning cloud cover burns off then there may be better options for you out there.

Review by Chris

List Price US $110
Bolle Tsar Ski Goggle Review

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