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The Bolle Millenium is a great helmet. Helmets are one of the most important pieces of gear for anyone who values protection. Sure they aren’t always the most comfortable, or the most stylish, but for me none of that matters when we’re talking about safety. The nice thing about the Bolle Millenium is that it is a rather stylish helmet, and its fur lined inside and lighter weight construction actually makes it feel rather comfortable.

Bolle Millenium Helmet On-Mountain Video Review

Compatible Goggles: Bolle Emperor 

Ventilation and Warmth: One of the only downsides for me personally with the Bolle Millenium is that the fur lining can be a bit warm. My head is quite toasty most of the time, so the little bit of extra insulation can mean I get a bit sweaty. However, the Bolle Millenium has a really good ventilation system. Bolle calls it the Air Extractor system, and it is designed to provide constant air flow in and out of the helmet.  For the most part it works really well, and with adjustable vents on the top of the helmet, you can adjust how much air circulation you get. If you’re skiing in really cold weather it’s really easy to slide the adjustment back and close the vents. When you start to warm up, slide the adjustment forward and open the vents fully. There are also two vents on the front of the helmet, but they don’t vent into the helmet. These vents open up to the bottom of the brim of the helmet and help to keep air circulating through your goggles (reduces goggle fog). These vents don’t close, but the air doesn’t flow into the helmet from these vents. Overall, the Bolle Millenium is on the warmer side of helmets, but the ventilation is pretty solid. I would maybe like to see one or two more closable vents on the frontside of the helmet, but overall what’s there is pretty solid.

Fit: Like most helmets the Bolle Millenium comes in several different sizes. I love that they don’t just use small, medium, large, etc…but rather give you the measurement in cm.  We tested the 58-61cm, but probably could have went with the 54-58cm. We were right about at 58cm, so the smaller size would have been a bit more snug. Once you find the right size, it’s really easy to fine-tune the fit. Bolle has a click-to-fit system that is really easy to adjust with one hand. The chin strap is long, and gives you plenty of length to adjust to your personal preference. The cool thing here is the magnetic chin strap clip. It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but once you figure it out it’s really easy to use. I’m not sure if there is a benefit over the normal clip, but it is quite fun to play around with.

Other Features: The Bolle Millenium has a great fit, and good ventilation, but there are plenty of other things to love about this helmet. First is the goggle clip in the back. It is a rubberized strap that clips into a plastic holder at the bottom. I found it really easy to use, and it holds my goggles in place well. I found that with elastic straps (like on the older Smith Vantage), you can actually stretch those out and the elastic starts to wear. Once it gets bad enough you can’t use the goggle strap at all. I don’t know how long the rubber strap will hold up, but I did find it hard to overstretch, and I feel like it will hold up better than elastic. The Bolle Millenium also features a detachable lining. I love this because over time it may get a little stinky, especially given how warm this helmet is, and how much I would sweat in it over time. The ear pieces are also removable, giving you a bit more ventilation if you need it, or again for washing. Both the lining and ear pieces are quite comfortable. The Millenium is also compatible with Bolle audio kits, and would probably work well enough with other audio chips (smith Outdoor Tech Wireless). The only downside here is that the openings are quite small, and you may struggle to get thicker chips to work with this helmet. Finally, the Millenium features a hybrid ABS/In-Mold shell. I’m not going to pretend I know a ton about impact protection, or helmet construction processes, but I can tell you that the hybrid shell is comfortable (lighter), and looks pretty nice.

Final Thoughts: The Bolle Millenium is a well thought-out helmet with a lot of great features. I love the way it fits, and really appreciate the ventilation. For the price, I think the Millenium is one of the better options. It’s not quite as low profile as some of the more expensive options (Smith Variant), but has all the features I need in a basic helmet.

List Price US $129
Bolle Millenium Ski Helmet Review

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