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The Anon Relapse is a nice goggle with a traditional shape. Other than that there is nothing traditional about the relapse. It has the same magnetic connections we see in the M2 as well as great ventilation, and comfortable fit, and a very wide view for a cylindrical lens. It reminds me a little of the Smith Squad (a goggle that I really like), but it has a few more high end features than the Squad. Of course this also means a higher price tag.

Optics: The Anon Relapse has good quality lenses with clarity and natural tints. The field of view is aslo quite large for a spherical lens. I think the Squad may have the slight edge here because of the semi-frameless design, but the Relapse is good. Like the Squad, the Relapse has interchangeable lenses. The Relapse utilizes a similar magnetic design of the Anon M2. It makes it super easy to change lenses on the fly. You can do it with one hand and in less time than it takes to take your goggles of your helmet. It’s a cool design, but do wonder if the lens would fall off too easily at times.

Fit: The Anon Relapse has a relatively large fit, but it feels comfortable. The field of view is also larger than expected for a cylindrical lens. The light weight plastic frame conforms well to the face, and the thin foam layer doesn’t feel bulky. I also never noticed any pinching of the nose.

Ventilation: The Anon Relapse has great ventilation. Like the M2, the Relapse has full venting along the outside edge of the goggle. This helps to keep air moving well, and helps to keep the goggles from fogging up. In addition the Relapse has ICT fog treatment. This is the same layer found on the M2 lenses, and again I found it was really good at keeping fog at bay.

Final Thoughts: The Anon Relapse is a really nice cylindrical goggle. The field of view is quite large, the fit is comfortable, and the lens is super easy to change. It also does a great job ventilating, and fog was never an issue. The only downside I can see is that the magnets make me a bit nervous. I found it could potentially fall off with the right force from a fall or hitting a tree branch. The biggest difference between the Relapse and the Squad is the lens interchange system, and maybe slightly better ventilation. However, given the price the differences aren’t big enough for me to justify the Relapse over the Squad. Also at this price point, it may be worth looking at some of the higher end spherical goggles like the Smith I/O. If you do prefer the cylindrical lenses, and you really want the magnetic lens interchange system, then by all means buy the Relapse. It really is a nice goggle!

List Price US $109
Anon Relapse Ski Accessory Review

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